We've got another great hire onto the Hearthstone design team! George "BoarControl" Webb will be joining Hearthstone's Final Design team next week.

This, unfortunately, means that BoarControl is unable to play competitive Hearthstone now and he has left SK Telecom T1. It seems like last week's relegation from Grandmasters may have been for the best, naturally opening up the spot for someone else as BoarControl moves on to work on the game itself.

A reminder that any of his work in helping balance the game won't be seen for at least a couple of expansions with how long Blizzard works on card sets, plus, it is a team effort and not any one person's work that makes our meta. Stop harassing any game's developers.

Quote From BoarControl

Starting next week, I’ll be joining Blizzard as an Associate Game Designer on the Hearthstone Final Design team. I’m thrilled for the opportunity to work on the game that I’ve loved playing for years and couldn’t be more excited to join the team.

This marks the end of my days on @T1 and as a competitor. A huge thank you to everyone who supported me both as a competitor and a content creator over the past years! That’s past teams, teammates, everyone at HSesports and all those that tuned into my stream.

Cora's Response

Quote From Cora

Have fun being blamed for balance issues and bugs! Happy to have you on the team :)