Hey all!

This article serves as a reminder that our Halloween Event, Oozefest, is coming to an end.

Oozefest Ends November 3 at Midnight Eastern
(Nov 2, 9 AM Pacific) (Nov 3, 5 AM CET)

A countdown has been provided on the sidebar of our homepage so you know when it comes to an end.

When the Event Ends

  • You can no longer earn any candy.
  • Clues will be disabled, cementing progress.
  • The shop will remain open for 1 additional week for any stragglers who still need to spend their candy.

Your candy will not go away as it doesn't rot and will be our currency for next year. We'll be adding more cosmetics to obtain next year and the old ones will become available again, though they may increase in price slightly (currently undecided) to force people to choose between old cosmetics (likely rarer) or newer ones.

Additionally, we'll be activating the "normal event mode" for Out of Cards.

Normal Event Mode on Out of Cards

During non-event times, you'll be able to earn a small amount of Gold each day for visiting the site. You won't be able to spend the Gold right away but do know that we're working towards creating more ways to earn it and new rewards.

Gold does not mean the end of rewards for achievements, those will still exist, though we will likely give out titles less for some repetitive actions on the site and reserve them for larger milestones. One big problem with our current system is that it becomes overwhelming when you unlock an achievement and it rewards you with a handful of titles due to wanting to give out something for each game at each milestone (only a few do for this reason) so by giving you Gold for earning an achievement instead, we can let you obtain something you actually care about or save up for higher-end rewards.

For the Hearthstone players, I guess you could say we're doing a progression revamp too. And funnily enough, there is more planned on the site progression side of things too and I'm looking forward to completing it all!

Bonus Candy

A round of 50 bonus treats has been added to everyone's accounts! Go spend them in the shop