Oozefest ended last week and not only do we want to remind you that time is running out to spend your candy, but we also wanted to share some stats from the event!


We had 16 community members solve all 64 clues! It was quite a feat even if you were familiar with all four titles we had clues on, so congratulations to all of you for a job well done!

NebuchadnezzarHS, Alfi, GoddammitDontShootMe, Torgal, Hellbot7, DoubleSummon, Caro, Morthasa, ArcanisDF, hmqaed, NerdyMcNerd, ArgentumNilBright, KnivesOut, slychd, Bruthor, HyperOrange

This list does not include staff members because several of us put the clues together and everyone else was able to see the thread we did that in. CHEATERS! Still love you all though.

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Super Cool Stats

Here are the stats we've pulled from the event. I hope everyone has been brushing their teeth!

  • 4496 Clues Solved
  • 389 Sleuths
  • 809013 Candy Treated
  • 35950 Candy Eaten
  • 1104 Items Purchased

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Spookstone Trick-or-Treating

ClueSolved By
A place to dress up cards however you like.
Visited the Trick and Treat Card Competition Page
Inside every Classic pack is the fear that one unfortunate soul will open this in Golden.
Visited Millhouse Manastorm's Card Page
Double, double, nightmare and trouble, dragons grow, attack is doubled.
Visited Scaled Nightmare's Card Page
There's nothing scarier than a dreadlord. Except when that dreadlord is also a turtle.
Visited Mal'Ganis' Card Page
Beware of witches handing out free apples.
Visited Blood Witch's Card Page
You gave Jack a face, and now you regret it because he wants to squash you.
Visited Squashling's Card Page
You've got to take those cards back as they unleash a plague upon your entire collection
Visited the Card Back page for the Mark of Hakkar Card Back
This little gnome is a pain in the neck.
Visited Gnomeferatu's Card Page
What happens when Gorillas dress up for Hallows End?
Visited Mukla, Tyrant of the Vale's Card Page
On Hallow's End, the shadows rise, but this costume hands out treats.
Visited Zayle, Shadow Cloak's Card Page
The trophy of those who vanquish the horrors of the haunted places.
Visited the Monster Hunter Card Back Page
To have a free Polymerization at hand at all times produces some truly grizzly results.
Visited Deathstalker Rexxar's Card Page
Ever since Ashes of Outlands came along, he's now one away from a full set
Visited Face Collector's Card Page
There's stories that I could learn at this school, but I'd need a guidebook to help me out.
Visited the Lore Guide of Scholomance Legendaries
The Lich King Didn't give up! A Preventable Spooky Setback With Silence
Visited Rattling Rascal's Card Page
Merry-Go-Round 1 has broken down.
Visited the Haunted Carousel Tavern Brawl Page

Ghosts of Runeterra Trick-or-Treating

ClueSolved By
Lux's aunt may look scary, but she gives out the best candy!
Visited Tianna Crownguard's Card Page
With this guy's appetite, you might actually leave with less candy than what you started with!
Tahm Kench
He may think Progress Day! is the only holiday worth celebrating, but I'm sure he won't turn you away empty-handed.
Visited Heimerdinger's Card Page
Sometimes the quickest way to get candy is to be totally random and just go mid.
Visited The Howling Abyss' Card Page
Actually, maybe skip this one unless you consider "oranges" to be acceptable Halloween treats.
Visited Citrus Courier's Card Page
All his friends just call him "Bubba".
Visited Bubble Bear's Card Page
Just don't ask him about his shark tail � for all that winning, he's surprising sensitive!
Visited Jack, the Winner's Card Page
Just because he's a creepy spider god doesn't mean he can't give out good candy.
Visited Vilemaw's Card Page
You've heard of the Headless Horseman, but what about the Handless Scientist?
Visited Augmented Experimenter's Card Page
Do not mention "Yetis" or you'll be at this stop all night listening to his rants�
Visited Babbling Bjerg's Card Page
Whether or not you make it to the top of the mountain, it's the journey that counts.
Visited Mountain Sojourners's Card Page
Careful not to get on this big guy's bad side, or else your treats might end up on the crispy side.
Visited Kadregrin the Infernal's Card Page
OK � sure, he's giving out acorn powder shakes instead of actual candy, but they are surprisingly tasty.
Visited Swole Squirrel's Card Page
It's a bit of a trek down to get to him, but this guy hoards some really great candy!
Visited Shipwreck Hoarder's Card Page
Your nightmares might be bad, but they don't hold a candle to Trevor's!
Visited Mumblesprite's Card Page
Sure she's just a kid herself, but I recall her giving out triple treats last year
Visited Minah Swiftfoot's Card Page

Magic the Oozening Trick-or-Treating

ClueSolved By
A 7/7 demon, who lets you pay 7 life to draw 7 cards. Yet for some reason, they had to make him cost 8 mana.
Visited Griselbrand's Card Page
There was a clever hint for this card, but its since been replaced by a 3/3 elk.
Visited Oko, Thief of Crowns' Card Page
A card so scary, standard only recently escaped his clutches.
Visited Uro, Titan of Nature's Wrath Card Page
An insidious killer, better hope you do not have 13 life or else�
Visited Triskaidekaphobia's Card Page
And then he turns himself into an Insect Horror, scariest thing I've ever seen.
Visited Aberrant Researcher // Perfected Form's Card Page
A protector for all the humans on Innistrad, just don't get on her bad side or she might go insane and start trying to purify everything.
Visited Archangel Avacyn's Card Page
I can assure you this couple is not living Happily Ever After.
Visited Ever After's Card Page
This card entered a body building competition and found out he seriously misunderstood the objective.
Visited Stitcher Geralf's Card Page
How do you make a plane based around horror even more terrifying? Ask this card to give everything tentacles.
Visited Emrakul, the Promised End's Card Page
Having just lost a close friend, this planeswalker is currently going through a goth phase.
Visited Nissa of Shadowed Boughs
"Drawing your entire deck isn't a viable win condition" they said. That won't stop this human wizard's grand plans.
Visited Laboratory Maniac's Card Page
A card so scary that even MTGA is afraid of it, crashing the game after it sees it too many copies of it.
Visited Scute Swarm's Card Page
This phantasm gets so mad when looking at mirror that she puts a ton of cards from your library into the graveyard.
Visited Mirror-Mad Phantasm's Card Page
Playing too much pre-ban standard has left me with persistent nightmares, startling me awake at times.
Visited Startled Awake // Persistent Nightmare's Card Page
A card that will make you scream, or will hand out candy, one or the other.
All Hallow's Eve
If there's anything that a werewolf hates, it is bad flavor text - especially gratuitous ones, like the one on this card.
Visited Ancient Grudge's

Witchgard Trick-or-Treating

ClueSolved By
Also the sounds the doorbells make at Atlantis, Mt. Olympus, and Valhalla.
Visited the Rings of Immortality Guide
An encyclopedia of vampires, demons, carnivals and damage.
Visited the Oberos Guide
The header of our first Mythgard article.
Spirit Stones
Would've taken the elevator, but it was broken.
Visited Stairway to Hades' Card Page
Wears a snow toupee at parties.
Visited Bald Mountain's Card Page
Love. A hopelessly dead cause.
Visited Hopeless Necromantic's Card Page
Alicia Keys - Girl on Fire
Visited Firesong Prodigy's Card Page
We probably should skip this house...
Visited Serpent Den's Card Page
Hands out candy and recruitment flyers.
Visited Xerxian Recruiter's Card Page
A platypus at the gates?
Visited Peri at the Gates' Card Page
We only rate dogs. This is clearly someone in the army.
Visited Bold Omega's Card Page
Don't get to close! It's easy to catch!
Visited Yana Virus' Card Page
It's a club, not a gang.
Visited Valkyrie Tough's Card Page
Costume? Check. Pail? Check. An urge to be the first one to the house that hands out the king-size candy? Double check.
Visited Ready for Anything's Card Page
Who says Trolls can't be bards?
Visited Fossegrim's Card Page
Open 24/7, on break during the day.
Visited Night Market's Card Page