Happy December! The holiday season has officially begun and I'm here to say a bunch of words that you'll hopefully finish reading!

It has been some time since we've had one of these...

Out of Cards Holiday Event

I know there are many of you excited about our holiday site event! We took in your awesome feedback from our Oozefest Halloween event and have improved upon it.

  • Longer Event - We agree, a week wasn't enough. The event will end on January 1.
  • Unique Activity - There's a special site-wide activity taking place that will be unique to the Holiday season.
  • More Cosmetics - You wanted us to do more cool stuff so we have!

A storm is brewing and the snow has already started to fall. You better get your gloves on because the event comes into full swing next week - stay tuned for more details.

Out of Cards Premium Changes

Starting next year, we're going to be changing the way that you can purchase and subscribe to Out of Cards Premium in addition to a slight overhaul. The current system is convoluted and isn't integrated too well with the site which makes it a pain to deal with.

  • Patreon will no longer be available.
    • Current Patrons can stay subscribed and we'll still offer you Premium through the platform.
  • Premium via Twitch is not changing.
    • You can subscribe via Twitch Prime to twitch.tv/fluxflashor
    • It is recommended to not use this outside of Twitch Prime as it is the most expensive option due to Twitch fees.

More details on the new subscriptions will be made available when the new system is added to the site. Expect tighter integration and proper recurring subscriptions for those that support through PayPal. Also, anyone who has been a Premium member of the site at some point will be receiving site currency for each month they have been subscribed and that will be a new feature of it going forward.

Thank you to everyone who has been a Premium on Out of Cards, your support means the world to us <3

Out of Cards Merch Shop

We're going to be temporarily closing the Out of Cards Merch Shop on December 27, so if there's something you want, here's your last chance to snag that swag (for a bit)! European members, please use this catalog to find items that ship from within the EU to prevent import charges.

More details on an updated Merch Shop will be available around Q2 2021.

New Twitter Accounts

We don't have this displayed on the site quite yet, but we've got a round of new Twitter accounts to follow if you partake in the platform.

Our main Twitter feed is not changing. But, the problem with covering multiple games while giving each one a dedicated home on the site is that it becomes difficult to grow an account. When we went through the recent Darkmoon Faire card reveal period, we had many Runeterra-focused players unfollow the account so they wouldn't see "spam" in their feeds. The same happens when Runeterra-heavy content happens with the Hearthstone folk.

Understanding this, the proper way forward is to have a main Twitter account that will cover everything and individual accounts for each game.

I hope that you'll give the accounts a follow for the content you want to see. If you want to continue following the main @NeverOutOfCards feed, that's fine too! If there's one particular game you don't care for, you can mute it on Twitter by using their Mute tool in your account management. We always, or at least are supposed to always, use the same hashtags for each game so you can mute those if desired. #Hearthstone, #Runeterra, #MTGArena, #Mythgard.

They'll all get game-specific avatars in the future, I promise.

Facebook Problems

Facebook sucks. Even if you share the same feeling, it is likely for a different reason.

If you're someone who has liked our page and discovered you haven't seen content on it for a little over the week, you can thank the Zuck. We're currently waiting for them to verify our developer account so our site integration can continue posting. Once we have it back up and running, we'll also have additional pages for each of the games we support much like Twitter and we'll be sure to make an announcement on the site when it happens.

Looking For More (Paid Writers)

You've likely noticed we haven't been covering all our titles perfectly over the past couple of months. We're looking for some fresh meat to put onto the team! There's a lot going on here so let's talk about this game by game to see what we're looking for.

Keep in mind that for any of our titles, if you have fresh ideas for content, we're always open to new stuff!


We are looking for a few new Hearthstone writers. Although we're looking for people who specifically specialize in certain areas of the game, do know that you are not limited to contributing to the site in these positions.

  • Duels Content Writer
    • Writing and maintaining guides for Hearthstone Duels.
    • Providing weekly decklist recaps to help players find new ways to play.
  • Battlegrounds Content Writer
    • Writing and maintaining guides for Hearthstone Battlegrounds.
    • Talking about changes when they are announced.
    • Providing insight and recommendations into meta changes.
  • General Content Creator
    • Pitch us your ideas for a new series.
    • Deck spotlights and guides.
    • Covering community-created content.

Legends of Runterra

We're looking for more generalized coverage of Legends of Runeterra.

  • News Manager
    • Covering news for the game in a timely matter. Covering Riot blogs, events, community happenings.
    • This requires that you pay regular attention to what is happening in the world of Runeterra.
  • General Content Creator
    • Adding decks to the website.
    • Covering the latest news in a timely manner.
    • Weekly deck spotlight articles focusing on the meta, fun, and more.
    • Writing and maintaining guides for new players, events, and more.

Tell us what you want to help create for Legends of Runeterra on Out of Cards and we'll be in touch!

MTG Arena

We need writers for Wizards of the Coast's greatest implementation of Magic the Gathering on electronic devices.

To start things off, we are looking for:

  • News Manager
    • Covering news for the game in a timely matter. Covering Wizards blogs, events, community happenings.
    • This requires that you pay regular attention to what is happening in the MTG Arena and MTG world.
  • General Content Creator
    • Pitch us your ideas for a new series.
    • Deck spotlights and guides.
    • Covering community-created content.
    • Guides for new players, events, and more.


The newest game both on the site and by release date! We're looking for knowledgeable players that want to start to build a community for the game here on Out of Cards. Much like the other titles, we're looking for people that will cover the news, maintain guides, and make sure we have decks to share with the community.

We will also be looking for someone to manage our Mythgard section as a whole in the future, so this is a good opportunity to get your foot in the door.


All our writers are on revenue sharing agreements. The better your content does, the more you can earn! Writers start at the following rates which will increase the longer and more consistently you're producing content on the site:

  • Articles - 60% Share
  • Guides - 50% Share
  • Decks - 30% Baseline, with 70% for Written Guides.

Understandably, we're still building up certain sections of the site so do not expect high numbers to start. You're going to be a part of helping us build and improve Out of Cards and the faster we can do that, the better it will be!


If you are interested in any of these positions, please email [email protected] with the subject line "Out of Cards Job - <Position>" and let me know which position you are interested in. We don't have a format for you to adhere to, just put on your best impression and provide us with work samples. We will be in touch with candidates this month. Applications are closing on December 10 so be sure to get them in!

All writers are considered an independent contractor and not an employee of Out of Cards, so please keep that in mind before applying.