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Uldum Druid Flavor Text

Uldum Hunter Flavor Text

Uldum Mage Flavor Text

Uldum Paladin Flavor Text

Uldum Priest Flavor Text

Uldum Rogue Flavor Text

Uldum Shaman Flavor Text

  • Vessina - She wasn't happy when Hagatha sent her back to Uldum. But her "angry" hiss sounds like her "happy" hiss, so no one knew the difference.
  • Corrupt the Waters - This is why Hagatha is banned from public pools.
  • Splitting Axe - The ancient shaman chant, "Control Axe, Control Vee."
  • Plague of Murlocs - This is horrible! And adorable!
  • Earthquake - Shake it, sh-sh-sh-shake it like a Kalimdor fissure.
  • Mogu Fleshshaper - He's here to shape *clap* you up!
  • Weaponized Wasp - Dr. Boom had one simple request: wasps with flippin' laser beams attached to their heads.
  • Sandstorm Elemental - Doot doot doot doot doot [Pause] Doot doot doot doot doot DEE doot doot doot doot doot!
  • EVIL Totem - A lot of people blame the parents when a totem goes bad.
  • Totemic Surge - It's not really advanced shamanic magic, you just draw nasty eyebrows on them.

Uldum Warlock Flavor Text

  • Dark Pharaoh Tekahn - He'll get that League of Explorers and their little murloc too!
  • Supreme Archaeology - Archaeology is the discovery of rare and powerful artifacts. Supreme Archaeology is TAKING THEM!
  • Riftcleaver - Brings you face to face with your destructive impulses.
  • Diseased Vulture - He's off the twig! He's kicked the bucket! THIS IS AN EX-VULTURE!
  • Impbalming - With your complexion, Imp Balm is a great demonizer.
  • Expired Merchant - The "best by" date is more like a guideline.
  • Plague of Flames - This is fine.
  • Neferset Thrasher - Tough to do skateboard tricks with four legs.
  • EVIL Recruiter - I'm starting to think the lackeys aren't evil, just taken advantage of.
  • Sinister Deal - "So, what's in the sack?" "Something... sinister." "Okay, it's a deal."

Uldum Warrior Flavor Text

Uldum Neutral Flavor Text

  • King Phaoris - When you're the king of the cats, the whole desert is your litterbox.
  • Colossus of the Moon - Strike him down, and you'll face the Colossus of the New Moon.
  • Octosari - Eight arms of sand-flinging, foe-wringing, card-slinging fury!
  • Siamat - TAUNT. TAUNT.
  • Zephrys the Great - "Of course it's perfect, you're just not seeing how to use it."
  • Blatant Decoy - "Hah! You is being tricked by ME! Togwaggle!"
  • Desert Obelisk - The Obelisk of the Stars can hide an entire land from prying eyes! Or zap a rando.
  • Mortuary Machine - The ankle bone's connected to the shin bone. The knuckle bone's connected to the... eh, it'll be fine.
  • Body Wrapper - She uses pickle slices for the eyes. Keeps them well-preserved.
  • Vulpera Scoundrel - A spell is a spell, but the mystery choice could be anything! (It's also a spell.)
  • History Buff - Actually... what happened was...
  • Mischief Maker - Fair trade is for noble-minded suckers with dignity and honor.
  • Dwarven Archaeologist - She's making great progress on paying off that advanced degree.
  • Mogu Cultist - Mogu cultists have the worst team-building exercises.
  • Wrapped Golem - The end result of one of the greatest wrap battles of all time.
  • Khartut Defender - Gesundheit!
  • Conjured Mirage - What you see is Isiset.
  • Sunstruck Henchman - There is E.V.I.L. here that DOES sleep.
  • Infested Goblin - Trust us. DON'T go cheap on the scarab repellent.
  • Generous Mummy - Yeah, she's mummified, but her money hasn't dried up!
  • Quicksand Elemental - Use a light abrasive to buff blemishes away but use a heavy abrasive to debuff problems.
  • Neferset Ritualist - The Neferset are great�they'll always make sure their friends are feline fine.
  • Questing Explorer - Earned her merit badges the hard way - twelve zhevra hooves at a time.
  • Living Monument - This is not the greatest card in the world. This is just a monument.
  • Anubisath Warbringer - Some dogs will bring you a bone or a squeaky toy. This one brings war!
  • Pit Crocolisk - PIT! Not PET!
  • Wasteland Scorpid - After they get to a certain size, it doesn't matter if they're poisonous or not.
  • Faceless Lurker - Longtime lurker, first time attacker.
  • Phalanx Commander - Turns out he's really good at herding cats.
  • Wasteland Assassin - They'll never see me coming, what with my glowing body, eyes and daggers.
  • Bone Wraith - It uses only the eco-friendly bones from free-range humanoids.
  • Golden Scarab - Who actually puts all the gold plating on these things, and why?
  • Candletaker - "You no waaaake caaaandle!"
  • Desert Hare - After they're caught, they're dessert hares.
  • Temple Berserker - He's back. He's angry. And he's here to wrap things up.
  • Bug Collector - The only one who likes BEEEES!!!
  • Fishflinger - The scent of fish lingers on the fishflinger's fish fingers.
  • Injured Tol'vir - Me-OW!
  • Serpent Egg - These things go from "adorable danger noodle!" to "MY FACE IS MELTING!" all too quickly.
  • Vilefiend - Dreamed of becoming a Stylefiend, but fel was never in season.
  • Spitting Camel - Were you expectorating another bad pun?
  • Kobold Sandtrooper - Stay while, take candle.
  • Beaming Sidekick - Sure, I'll carry the water! And the food! And the tents! And the cursed monkey paw!
  • Jar Dealer - What's in the jar? It could be anyone!
  • Murmy - Unlike other mummies, they rolled him up with rice, sliced cucumbers, and soy sauce on the side.