If you want to open up your Saviors of Uldum packs early, you can now do so at a Fireside Gathering! You don't have to leave the comfort of your home though if you desire, anyone can host their own, unlisted gathering!

Pre-release runs from August 2 at 10 AM PDT until August 5. (This is 1 PM EDT, 7 PM CEST)

How To Open Your Uldum Packs Early

  1. Visit the Fireside Gatherings Creation page.
  2. Fill in your "event" details.
  3. Under privacy, make sure you select "This is an unlisted event".
  4. Hit the Create Event button. SUCCESS!
  5. Login to Hearthstone during the event time window you selected, you can now open up your card packs.
  6. Bonus: Invite a friend over and play with the new cards!

Alternatively, you can be social an attend a pre-release Fireside Gathering this weekend, find a local event here.

Playing With Your New Uldum Cards

Fireside Gathering Pre-releases allow you to play with new cards early via special Tavern Brawls.

Brawl 1 - Saviors of Uldum No Cards Barred!

  • This Fireside Brawl allows you to build decks using cards you've opened from your pre-order packs.
  • There are no restrictions on class cards or duplicates, build the craziest deck.

Brawl 2 - Uldumonium

  • Built off of Randomonium, its a pre-constructed brawl that uses the new Uldum deck recipes.
  • No need to buy packs in order to play with new cards!

Need to Pre-Order? Considering Using Amazon Coins

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Opening Uldum Packs Live

I'll be opening up my packs on stream (vod available later) so come join me for some pack opening fun!

Also, if you want to help support the site, consider using your Twitch Prime free subscription on my Twitch channel. If you link your Out of Cards account to Twitch, you'll receive on-site supporter tier!