A few months ago we datamined the release order of the Book of Heroes chapters. It was going well until we hit the hero after Uther, our Priest friend Anduin, which shook things up.

Based on the order, we were expecting to see Druid fun through a Malfurion story in the client. When word got around that Anduin was next though, everything we knew about the release order was now inaccurate and up in the air - until now. Blizzard has made data updates in the client to move Anduin to his correct place, after Uther, and has done a little bit of other arranging as well. Here are the, pending Blizzard confirmation and release, next heroes we will see and their order.

  1. Anduin
  2. Valeera
  3. Thrall
  4. Gul'dan
  5. Malfurion
  6. Illidan

Heroes above that are in bold did not move positions.

While we don't have details to share on their hero names or what the exact stories will be, we can tell you that we're fairly confident its true as the order makes more sense. Putting Malfurion and Illidan beside each other, who have very overlapping stories, gives Blizzard the ability to do something very cool with them, possibly a simultaneous release, and to overall give a more cohesive look at the brothers.

Which heroes are you looking forward to arriving in the Book of Heroes adventure the most? Which stories are you most looking forward to?