Did you open some packs to uncover some of the new Darkmoon Races cards? Or did you buy the bundle and you already have them all? It doesn't matter to our eyes where they come from, as long as we have a way to use them! The new meta is just a few hours old and new theorycrafts are already popping up here and there - make sure to check them out if you don't know what to do with your new toys!

XiaoT's Aggro Demon Hunter

This list showcases the new Illidari Studies, which is a particularly good in a deck that runs just one very crucial Outcast card: Skull of Gul'dan - Studies gives you a chance to either play the pre-nerf version of Skull or Discover an answer (Consume Magic) that could come in handy later in the game. The deck also features Felfire Deadeye (permanent Tour Guide as long as it sticks on the board) and Felsaber (having minions with an effect tied behind a condition is not always a good thing, but Demon Hunter wants to attack as much as possible and it cost him very little, so we can pretty much consider it a vanilla 4 mana 5/6, which is pretty damn good).

Languagehacker's Clown Druid

Dreaming Drake is of the cards that captured my attention the most during the reveal season: while its effect is pretty relevant if you manage to Corrupt it in the early game, maybe thanks to Overgrowth, the most amusing part is that it represents Dragon support and another reason for Malfurion to run Breath of Dreams and the whole Dragon package with Ysera, Unleashed on top of it. I wholeheartedly hope we'll make the cut in more refined lists too.

Alliestrasza's Exodia Mage

Conjure Mana Biscuit has really tickled the content creator's fantasy. With this deck, Alliestrasza tried to bring back the old school Exodia Mage with quadruple Sorcerer's Apprentice (courtesy of Potion of Illusion) and Archmage Antonidas. Mana Biscuit allows you to store mana and use it later when you'll need it the most in order to pull off your combo turn.

FenoHS' Cyclone Mage

When Alliestrasza attempted the OTK path, Feno used Conjure Mana Biscuit as food (pun intended) for Mage. In particular, Mana Biscuit covers pretty much the same role of Elemental Evocation in Wild Quest Mage: you play as many spells as possible and then you drop Mana Cyclone to refill your hand and provide a further discount to your Mana Giants, which will be later Conjurer's Calling to win the game.

Jambre's Aggro Rally Paladin

Rally! was one of the most well-received cards during the (very short) reveal season: Jambre found a way to get as much damage as possible out of it. Just point every green minion to the opponent's face and you're good to go.

RegisKillbin's Libram Paladin

Regis decided to revisit Libram Paladin thanks to the release of the new Libram of Judgment - except for this change, the deck remains pretty much the same, but the chance of getting additional healing and, especially, burst should be able to improve the overall strength of the archetype.

J_Alexander's Weapon Rogue

A deck that hasn't received new inclusions since the release of Scholomance Academy. However, the release of Nitroboost Poison is too relevant not to try against this list. Weapon Rogue is an archetype that greatly suffers the rather unjustified and overpopulated presence of Kobold Stickyfinger in the meta (Evolve Shaman got nerfed: stop playing it already, dammit), but if you manage to dodge them you should have a pretty good time.

Kibler's Quest Highlander Shaman

Kibler is back with his spicy memes. He's played Quest Highlander Shaman many times in the past, but this time we can make us of the new Landslide (excellent anti-aggro) tool and Mistrunner (cheaper Bonemare with Overload synergy). This deck is obviously carried by Zephrys the Great and Dragonqueen Alexstrasza, but you can also count on solid inclusions like The Lurker Below and Instructor Fireheart.

Kibler's Spell Damage Shaman

Kibler really decided that today was Shaman day, huh? When I first saw Landslide I immediately thought about Rune Dagger and how well it will fit in such a deck. Kibler was faster (and probably better) than me at theorycrafting this list, and he's slapping with it. On a side note, Spell Damage Shaman is a very good counter to Stealth Rogue, so if you find yourself surrounded by that, I wholeheartedly advise you to trust Kibler.

Viper's Quest Warlock

Since Luckysoul Hoarder brought even more Soul Fragment support to the table, it is fair to give a chance to the good old Supreme Archaeology Quest Warlock. The difference from the past is that Bomb Warrior is way less popular (it was much more oppressive in May/June 2020, when Quest Warlock was at its peak) nowadays and that Warlock has access to a larger set of very impactful cards.

Not saying it's broken, bur rather that it deserves a chance.

What do you think of these decks? In what ways are you playing with the new cards? Share your own deck creations with the community by adding them to our deck database via our deckbuilder and sharing them in the comments below.