We've got an update to the 19.4 known issues from earlier today - there are some resolutions! The rarity bugs for Rally! and Hysteria have been resolved, and an issue with Shenanigans has been fixed.

As of posting:

  • 19.4 and its bugfix patch is live on desktop through the Battle.net app.
  • 19.4 is live on Android. No bug fixes are out yet.
  • 19.4 is live on iOS with bug fixes.

Read on for Blizzard's full statement.

Quote From Kerfluffle

Hey everyone,

Earlier today we released the 19.4 patch that includes additions and changes across several game modes. As a result, a few new bugs have popped up! You can see the bugs we’re actively tracking below:

  • We’re expecting to deploy a fix today for a bug where the rarity gems for Rally! and Hysteria are incorrect.

  • (Updated) We’re expecting to deploy a fix today for a bug where Shenanigans is not working as intended with cards such as Cavern Shinyfinder and Forge of Souls.

  • We’re aware that the art for Town Crier is incorrect and plan on fixing it in our next patch.

1/21 Update: We’ve just deployed a new build for desktop that includes fixes for the Rally! and Hysteria rarity bugs, as well as the Shenanigans bug updated above. The 19.4 patch is now available for Android devices, although these bugs will persist on Android until we finalize a separate hotfix. The 19.4 patch has not yet been released for iOS - we’re expecting this to happen within the next few hours.

1/21 Update #2: The 19.4 patch is now live on iOS.