Kaldheim Set Mechanics

Kaldheim brings 2 new mechanics, as well as featuring 4 returning mechanics.

For 2 generic mana, you can exile a card with foretell, allowing you to cast it for an alternate cost on a later turn.

Glorious Protector Card Image Poison the Cup Card Image Haunting Voyage Card Image Dual Strike Card Image

After a creature with boast has declared attackers, you can pay its boast cost to activate an ability, but only once per turn.

Usher of the Fallen Card Image Varragoth, Bloodsky Sire Card Image Dragonkin Berserker Card Image Horizon Seeker Card Image

Modal Double-Faced Cards
Returning from Zendikar Rising are the Modal Double-Faced Cards, MDFCs. Not only do we have the 4 remaining MDFC lands, but we also have a cycle of gods with nonland permanents on the other side.

Barkchannel Pathway // Tidechannel Pathway Card ImageBarkchannel Pathway // Tidechannel Pathway Card ImageFlip Card Blightstep Pathway // Searstep Pathway Card ImageBlightstep Pathway // Searstep Pathway Card ImageFlip Card Egon, God of Death // Throne of Death Card ImageEgon, God of Death // Throne of Death Card ImageFlip Card Cosima, God of the Voyage // The Omenkeel Card ImageCosima, God of the Voyage // The Omenkeel Card ImageFlip Card

Returning to standard from Coldsnap, we have snow mana. Certain cards require snow mana, which can be any mana generated from a snow permanent, which will mainly be snow-covered lands.

Search for Glory Card Image Frost Bite Card Image Blessing of Frost Card Image  Snow-Covered Forest Card Image

Returning from Theros: Beyond Death are Sagas. When a saga enters the battlefield, you put a counter on it and activate the first ability on the card. During your next draw step, you put a counter on it and trigger the ability with the number of counters on the saga. After the third ability, you sacrifice the enchantment.

The Raven's Warning Card Image The Trickster-God's Heist Card Image Forging the Tyrite Sword Card Image The Bears of Littjara Card Image

Returning to standard from Lorwyn is Changeling. Creatures with changeling have every creature type, resulting in being very easy to fit into tribal decks.

Orvar, the All-Form Card Image Maskwood Nexus Card Image Masked Vandal Card Image Bloodline Pretender Card Image

Kaldheim Mastery Pass

  • All players can unlock 33 Kaldheim booster packs for playing for free.
  • Playing for free can also unlock 5 mastery orbs.
  • For Paid players, there are an additional 20 packs from standard legal sets.
  • There are also 3 bear pets that can level up throughout the pass.
  • The paid pass also includes different card styles,  20 mastery orbs, gold, and gems.

Kaldheim Trailer