The new legendary questline to celebrate the "new year" is now live in Hearthstone. It's a bit too soon for the Lunar New Year and its a bit too late for the 2021 New Year but hey, we're getting free packs so who cares?

Update: Live Worldwide now!

  • Each quest that is completed rewards you with 3 packs:
    • 2x Darkmoon Faire
    • 1x Scholomance
  • No experience appears to be rewarded for these quest completions.

Read on for details on the three different quests you will be completing, in order, to obtain your whopping 9 packs.

Quote From Out of Cards Datamining

Happy New Year

  • Play 1 game of Battlegrounds.

Happy New Year

  • Play 5 Duels.

Happy New Year

  • Play 5 games of Standard Ranked.