We heard Brann was looking for some decks to get started with in Saviors of Uldum, ones that can be improved upon as you add more cards to your collection. We've built and tested decks for each of the nine classes, here they are!

Our goal was to try and make decks that cost less than 1600 arcane dust to craft, though some classes were harder than others so you will see some decks slightly higher than that. We also made the assumption that most players have SN1P-SN4P, so if that isn't a part of your collection, you may want to consider another list.

Uldum Starter Token Druid

Uldum Starter Secret Hunter

Uldum Starter Cyclone Mage

Uldum Starter Mech Paladin

Uldum Starter Silence Priest

Uldum Starter Thief Rogue

Starter Thief Rogue
A Thief Rogue Deck created by . Last updated 3 years, 1 month ago

Uldum Starter Murloc Shaman

Uldum Starter Zoolock

Uldum Starter Berserker Warrior

Mrgl, adventurer!

Reno hasn't been back in a few hours and may have gotten himself into trouble. He was last spotted heading South towards an Obelisk.

If you can make contact, ask him about anything he's found today and help bring it back.