Our coverage of BlizzConline continues with the Hearthstone Deep Dive panel which we're covering live down below.

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Live Recap

  • There are 10 new characters being highlighted throughout the year.
  • Spell Schools - Like minion types but for spells!
    • Arcane, Fel, Fire, Frost, Nature, Holy, and Shadow are the schools.
  • Ranked Spells - Gain power as a match progresses. They grow in power at 5 and 10 mana.
  • Wrath of Air Totem replaced with Strength Totem. A 0/2 that at the end of the turn gives a random friendly minion +1 attack.
  • New Keyword: Frenzy Effects triggered the first time a minion survives damage.

Core Set

  • Basic & Classic get replaced by 235 cards in the new Core Set.
  • Some previously rotated cards are coming back into the Core Set to provide modern gameplay.
  • 29 of the cards in the Core Set are going to be completely new.
  • Everything in the Core set is completely free by leveling your classes.
  • Fireball and Tirion Fordring are sticking around for the Core Set.
  • Annoy-o-Tron is in the Core Set.
  • Tomb Pillager is in the new Core Set.
  • Menagerie Warden is in the new Core Set.
  • Assassinate is getting buffed and will be in the Core Set.
  • Feral Spirit, Earth Elemental, and Lightning Storm are each getting buffed.
  • Core Set card reveals are happening next week.


  • Year of the Gryphon is going to bring even more changes to Battlegrounds to keep it fun and thriving.
  • Some of the new mercenary heroes are going to be added to Battlegrounds.
  • New minion types are coming!
  • In Patch 20.2, Quilboar is a Battlegrounds-exclusive minion type that is being added.
  • Quilboars will generate a resource and take advantage of it. They have not finalized all the details yet.


  • More heroes are being added. You will not lose progress on your current heroes.

Book of Heroes

  • Stories are still being told this year.
  • Valeera is up next!

Book of Mercenaries

  • Like the book of heroes, we'll be getting to learn more about the stories behind characters.
  • This solo content will focus on the 10 mercenary heroes being added to Hearthstone.

Hearthstone Mercenaries

  • A new game mode that takes lots of different elements of other games.
  • They take elements of Roguelikes and Tactical RPGs.
  • Your three chosen characters have different abilities and you want to use them to create power combos against your opponents.
  • You'll progress through a map - combat and other interesting things to do.
  • Progression in Mercenaries is permanent. You keep the stuff you've earned.
  • If you fail to complete a level, you can come back and try it again.
  • It does not use your collection at all, much like Battlegrounds.
  • Hearthstone is becoming a platform for different types of card games. Mercenaries is just one type of game within Hearthstone.
  • A lot of the content is single-player but there are multi-player parts. They are hoping for high-skill games against other players.
  • The mode has less RNG than normal Hearthstone.
  • Tirion Fordring is one of the new characters being added.
  • The mode releases during Phase 1 of the Year of the Gryphon.

New Forged in the Barrens Cards

Mankrik Card Image

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Olgra, Mankrik's Wife Card Image Bru'kan Card Image

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Druid of the Plains Card Image

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Spirit Healer Card Image

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Sunscale Raptor Card Image

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Razormane Raider Card Image

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Peon Card Image

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Desperate Prayer Card Image

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Imp Swarm (Rank 1) Card Image

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Imp Swarm (Rank 2) Card ImageImp Swarm (Rank 3) Card Image

New Core Set Cards

Novice Zapper Card Image

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Vanessa VanCleef Card Image

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Felsoul Jailer Card Image

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Overlord Runthak Card Image

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Year of the Gryphon Roadmap

Year of the Gryphon Expansion Teasers

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