Patch 19.6 released late last night and with it came some great news regarding older heroes! While this has not been officially confirmed by Blizzard so we don't know when this is happening, new data in the client suggests that Sylvanas Windrunner and the Thunder King are both returning to the store!

Keep in mind that datamined information is subject to change, though we haven't been wrong about shop stuff so far!

The Return of Sylvanas Windrunner

Sylvanas was first obtainable as a Hunter hero back on December 10, 2019. She was available for a little under a month for $10 USD with her removal coming on January 5, 2020. Sylvanas has been and will continue to be one of Warcraft's most popular characters so it makes sense that they're bringing her back to allow newer players or those that missed out the first time to jump on board the undead hype train.

We don't have pricing information on Sylvanas at this time, but we can't imagine she'll be more expensive than her previous iteration provided she isn't included in a bundle with packs. It would be odd to offer a pack bundle for an older hero though, so if we were going to bet, expect her to be solo. With older card backs being obtainable for gold and money, it is also possible we could see the same thing with Sylvanas which would make her much more accessible. Don't quote us on that happening though!

It should also be noted that Sylvanas came with a card back as well, so it's possible that the bundle will also contain the epic Banshee Queen card back.

The Thunder King Charges Back

Emperor Lei Shen, or by his title "The Thunder King" as seen in Hearthstone, was a Shaman hero that was obtainable back in the middle of 2019, when Rise of Shadows was out and about. Lei Shen was a part of special Esports bundle that supported the Masters Tour, providing up to $250,000 additional prizing to the tournaments in that year. The cap was quickly reached and it effectively doubled the amount of money that was available to aspiring Hearthstone pros.

The original bundle came with 10 Rastakhan's Rumble card packs (wow, what a blast to the past) and 10 Rise of Shadows packs alongside the hero himself and an elegant card back. We can't imagine that will be the same deal this time around unless Blizzard is planning on bringing back Rastakhan's Rumble into standard, so expect to see The Thunder King and his card back, Stolen Thunder, make a return together. Like Sylvanas, we also have no clue what the pricing will be.

Are you interested in picking up either of these heroes when they make a return to the shop in the future?