Hearthstone's Chadd "Celestalon" Nervig tweeted over the weekend a great update for those that are diving deep into the rewards track.

Although this won't be hitting when patch 20.0 brings us Forged in the Barrens as it wasn't ready for prime time, the next major patch after the expansion launch will bring in the achievements that will bring along rewards that he believes are "preeetty sweet". What we know so far is that it appears to be a cumulative count on the rewards track and not based on your highest level, so this will be something even the more casual audience can grind towards over multiple passes.

We don't know what "sweet" means, but we do question if this is going to be the new cosmetic Dean was talking about last week in his 9th community Q&A. Dean did mention that the rewards track was primarily a cosmetic-focused value on the paid end as to not cut into their other revenue streams, so it would make sense to introduce a new cosmetic through the system.

What rewards track level have you gotten to so far through the inaugural pass that arrived with Madness at the Darkmoon Faire? Does achievements that count your total levels motivate you to go even harder on the grind? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Quote From Celestalon

Hey! Super excited about everything coming soon! I was wondering, we're getting a new tavern pass soon, lvls will be back to 1 and the reset will happen every time, so will we be able to eventually track the total XP/lvls reached through all expansion cycles?

Yes, we're going to add an achievement that tracks your total reward track levels ever earned!

This didn't quite make it in for 20.0, but we're aiming for the next major patch after that.

(It's worth the wait though, the rewards are preeetty sweet. 😉)