While we are on the topic of Battlegrounds, it's worth noting that the other week featured a certain relevant goodbye for the Hearthstone team and the community. It did fly a little under the radar, among all the flashy news of upcoming nerfs and reveals, but it's nonetheless one we feel is too important not to cover in greater detail. Namely - Conor Kou has left the playgrounds. 

Quote From Conor Kou
I've been given the opportunity to work something exciting and new at Blizzard! Which means that I’ll be taking a little break from working on Hearthstone and will no longer be working on Battlegrounds.

It’s been a crazy experience to see Battlegrounds grow from a whacky idea into what it is now. There’s lots of cool content in the works! Can’t wait to see what the great minds of the Hearthstone team come up with for Battlegrounds in the future.

Now, if you're not familiar with the name in question yet call yourself a fan of this particular game mode, you should know we are talking about its main architect here. Why, one who was even proudly dubbed "the visionary" around these parts. If you have never seen the video below, it's recommended viewing: both to learn more about the man himself, and how one idea plus a lot of work could lead to the creation of something as unprecedented as Battlegrounds within Hearthstone.

You know what to do if you ever wish to design your own game mode.
This isn't the first noteworthy departure for Hearthstone where a person leaves the team behind but stays with the company, even though it's been a while since we've witnessed this kind of internal shifting. A good year ago Mike Donais and Peter Whalen moved on to work on a secret project. We haven't learned anything specific on the topic since, could it be that's where Conor will also divert his attention for now? Using the words "a little break from working on Hearthstone" also indicates it might be a temporary gig with a potential comeback down the line. 
In any case, it stands to reason that this move wouldn't have happened if the team didn't feel secure about the future of Battlegrounds - even as it remains in its eternal beta mode (even its creator couldn't last long enough for that to come to a natural end, apparently...). Back in the day when the other two developers mentioned above announced the sad news, there was a lot of doomsaying among the community - worrying about the state of the game, expecting things to go downhill... and we have come a long way since then with the remaining team finding ways to breathe new life into Hearthstone. So there are reasons to be hopeful. 

With your speculation hats on, what do you think is that "something new and exciting"? A brand new game, one of the many mobile titles that Blizzard is supposedly lining up, anything unexpected? Is there a reason to be concerned about the state of Battlegrounds going forward?