Blizzard has posted a list of known issues ahead of tomorrow's Patch 20.0 launch. Interested? Read on for the full details!

Patch 20.0 releases on March 25. The patch should be up on desktop before mobile, as usual, and we expect the patch to release around 1 PM Eastern.

Quote From Kerfluffle

The 20.0 update is a big one! There are a few bugs we know of in 20.0 that we’ll be looking to address in a future hotfix or patch. We’ll be updating the list below as more bugs pop up. We’re aware of:

  • A bug where the Duels season end date is incorrect in client. Duels ratings will reset on 3/25.
  • A bug where cards in Duels are displaying a watermark when they should not.
  • A bug when building a Duels deck where the filters for Legacy and Core set don’t show, but you can still add cards from these sets.
  • A bug where the ‘Complete my Deck’ feature does not work for Classic format.
  • A bug where the Collection Manager does not remember the format you’ve chosen when entering from Play Mode.
  • A bug where cards of the same name but from different sets can appear multiple times in an Arena Run.
  • A bug where players that have just unlocked Wild will need to re-login to see all card rewards associated with unlocking Wild.
  • A Battlegrounds bug where Minions can show an outline of their Tavern Tier icon when played.
  • A bug where free decks that contain Core Set cards can appear as Wild decks.
    • Players can swap these cards out for similar ones or wait until the Core Set is live on 3/30 and swap the deck back to Standard.
  • A bug where attempting to enter a practice match with the Demon Hunter after queuing for Ranked Classic will result in an error.
    • The current workaround is to queue for Standard/Wild/Classic, cancel the queue, and re-enter the practice match.

Other things to know about 20.0:

  • Duplicate cards from the Core Set and Wild can show 4 times in the Collection Manager. This is something we’re looking to change in the future.
  • Incomplete Madness at the Darkmoon Faire Gameplay and Duels achievements as of March 25 will no longer grant Rewards Track XP, and instead a new set of Forged in the Barrens achievements will.
  • At patch, new players will receive the Demon Hunter Initiate Set upon unlocking the Demon Hunter class. After Forged in the Barrens launches on March 30, the Demon Hunter Initiate Set will unlock for new players when the Wild format is unlocked.
  • Level 50 Hero skin choice must be made before the Forged in the Barrens Rewards Track refresh.
    • We’re working to allow players to choose a hero skin they missed from a previous season in a future patch.
  • Players who are online at the time of the Rewards Track Refresh will not see their Rewards Track immediately updated to Forged in the Barrens. These players will need to re-login for their Rewards Track to update.
    • We’re working so that this refresh can happen seamlessly for actively online players in a future patch.
  • Forged in the Barrens card packs opened before visiting the Reward Track, and during Pre-Release weekend, can contain Blademaster Samuro or Golden Mankrik (in place of another Legendary card).
    • To address this, full Dust refunds will be available for the week following Pre-Release, this applies to golden Mankrik, non-golden Blademaster Samuro, and golden Blademaster Samuro.