Hearthstone is changing next week with five card nerfs, one being only for wild, so its time that we look at decks that we can play before they get hit with the nerfbat on Monday.

For a quick recap, here are the changes. You can read more about why they are changing here.

Crafting any of the above cards now means you can disenchant them for their full value once the patch hits Monday. No losses for a weekend of fun!
I'll probably disenchant my Golden Conjurers and Golden Pocket Galaxy since I'm not using them atm.

Mages and their Puzzle Box

Two for the price of one! Puzzle Box mages make use of both Conjurer's Calling and Luna's Pocket Galaxy relying on big hands, dropping down them Mountain Giants and getting crazy value. Pocket Galaxy is very likely to be immediately thrown to the side making the current iteration of this deck playable only for a short amount of time.

As someone who has personally piloted the deck, yeah, this was quite fun while it lasted and will be missed.

Control Warrior

If you haven't experienced this nonsense yet as the player, this is your last chance to make people concede on 7. Control Warrior with the mad genius has been a very popular deck for several sets now much to the hate of the playerbase.

Personally, I've extremely happy this turd won't be dropped every single turn 7 for Warriors anymore. Every time turn 7 hit I would say "and here my opponent plays Dr. Boom" and every damn time it was right. A couple extra turns delay is good, though I would have preferred to just see the card lose its Rush ability or better yet - deleted from the game. We had much too long of a wait on this card adjustment.

Combo Priest

We've got the classic Divine Spirit and Inner Fire Combo with a solid early-game play that'll stick your minions to the board thanks to all these arms.

If you want to learn more about the deck or how to play against it, NudeWookie featured in this week's Rock, Paper, Scissors article.

WILD: Zoo Priest

Watermelon86 has an awesome Zoo Priest deck that makes use of Extra Arms and for the non-wild players out there, as long as you've been collecting cards for the past 2 years you already have most of what you need to play it.

You'll really want to read the guide for this deck.

WILD: Barnes Priest

This is the deck you see everyone complaining about when Barnes has been brought up with Wild player complaints. We got the list off HSReplay and it is currently the top performing deck with Barnes in it. Huge minions, great board effects, and plenty of revival makes for limitless value. Barnes being bumped up by 1-mana will certainly slow things down a little.

WILD: Barnes and his Big Rogue

Similar to Priest, we've got a bunch of big dudes with great effects that we want to copy out early on. It may not be your last chance to play with Barnes to great success in wild, but it is certainly the last time we'll ever seen him at 4 mana.