Blizzard has officially revealed the newest expansion to join the game in Year of the Dragon - Rise of Shadows! Here is everything we know so far.

  • Releases on April 9, 2019. (Pre-release is April 5)
  • New Mechanic: Twinspell - Casting this adds another copy of the card (without Twinspell) to your hand.
  • Lackeys - Special token minions which are generated through other cards. They are 1/1 minions with "devious" battlecries
  • Schemes - Cards which grow in power as they sit in your hand each turn.
  • We will see some old mechanics return!
  • During the first week of the expansion, a special 9 pack bundle will be available for $10. It will also include an Arena Ticket.
  • League of Evil - Priest, Rogue, Shaman, Warrior, and Warlock
  • Dalaran Defenders - Mage, Druid, Hunter, Paladin

New Cards

Eight new cards have been revealed.



Reveal Video


There are two bundles available for pre-orders. The Mega Bundle contains a Priest Hero!

Rise of Shadows Bundle

  • Costs $49.99
  • 50 Rise of Shadows card packs
  • The Jewel of Lazul card back
  • A random Legendary from Rise of Shadows

Rise of Shadows Mega Bundle

  • Costs $79.99
  • 80 Rise of Shadows card packs
  • The Jewel of Lazul card back
  • A random Golden Legendary from Rise of Shadows
  • Madame Lazul, Priest Hero (available now!)

Expansion Guide

Visit our visual expansion guide for Rise of Shadows to learn more and see all the revealed cards!

Official Announcement

Quote From Blizzard

Do you sense that? Forbidden whispers echoing in the wind. The groan of a coiled spring aching to be sprung. Pilfered coins clinking as they’re counted under candlelight. The distant croak of a frog . . . in a witch’s hat? Something evil is assuredly afoot, and it has designs on the mystical floating city of Dalaran!

Launching worldwide on April 9, Rise of Shadows is Hearthstone’s newest expansion, featuring 135 new cards, a host of game improvements—including Arena rotations—and brand-new mechanics!

Under the leadership of Arch-villain Rafaam, notorious ne’er-do-wells from across Hearthstone’s history have heeded the call and banded together under the decidedly unsubtle but exceptionally fitting moniker—the League of EV.I.L.!

After years working on their own and constantly being foiled, flustered, beaten, and bested, these masters of mischief have cooked up a scheme sure to bring them out of shame and into infamy! Their target? The magical floating city of Dalaran. . . .

What You’ll Do in the Shadows


What collection of evil-doing masterminds is complete without a few disposable underlings to do their bidding

Introducing – Lackeys!

  • Generated by EVIL cards that add Lackeys to your hand, Lackeys are 1/1 minions that, while lacking in terms of raw stats, pack a surprisingly powerful punch when they hit the board.

While the members of the League of E.V.I.L. may have decided to work together, that doesn’t mean they don’t have their own dastardly plans in store. In Rise of Shadows, they’ll even let you in on their evil schemes!

Introducing - Schemes!

  • Schemes are powerful spells that become even more powerful the longer they stay in your hand. It takes time to cook up a good scheme, but the payoff is totally worth it!

These fiendish villains of former expansions have snuck a few familiar tricks up their sleeves. For example, you may remember the forbidden magics from Whispers of the Old Gods…

This won’t be the only Rise of Shadows card you’ll find reminiscent of bygone eras, so stay tuned to learn what else is in store!


Weaving potent spells with powerful effects is something the heroic Defenders of Dalaran are well equipped to handle . . . sometimes even twice. . . .

Introducing – Twinspell!

  • Twinspells are spells that, once cast, create a copy of themselves in your hand to be used whenever you like. Turn the tides of battle, then turn it again!

Twinspells aren’t the only tools in the Defenders’ arsenal to keep these villains at bay. The citizens of Dalaran have even recruited their stalwart artisans to aid in city’s defense.


With the launch of Rise of Shadows, the Year of the Dragon will officially begin! For more details on how the tavern is heating up with card rotations, Arena changes, random card backs, a brand new single-player experience, and more, check out the Year of the Dragon blog by clicking the image below:


With Rise of Shadows, the Arena will start a regular rotation of available cards from both current and previous expansions. To kick things off, the available cards will have a decidedly . . . EVIL! theme. Here’s which sets you’ll have access to when choosing cards in the Arena:

  • Basic
  • Classic
  • Naxxramas
  • Whispers of the Old Gods
  • Goblins vs. Gnomes
  • The Witchwood
  • Rise of Shadows

Stay tuned for more information on when the Arena will rotate again!


Pre-purchase one or both Rise of Shadows Bundles to unlock bonuses so incredible it would be downright evil to miss them!