A question almost as old as Hearthstone itself; Monk, or Death Knight?

This afternoon, Dean Ayala took to Twitter to ask everyone in the community which of the two classes they want to see inside of Hearthstone. Although he did preface this with the fact that neither was being worked on, Dean is at least curious as a game designer and because of that, we need to help him get that data!

Adding an 11th class to Hearthstone could be a lot of fun and it could take us to some great places.


A Pandaria-themed expansion would be more than expected, and welcomed, when Monks make their inevitable addition to Hearthstone, which would give Youthful Brewmaster some new friends and Lorewalker Cho could spend his time taking us through a story or fifty.

The additional awesome point on Monks is that Dean himself would like to do Pandaria in Hearthstone so it is possible we could see the class added before Death Knights, though it should be noted Dean isn't the only person making these decisions, we just know of 1 person of the large team that supports the addition. It would be fitting to see Monks added next as well since we'd be going in the reverse order of Hearthstone's big brother, World of Warcraft, which released the classes starting with Death Knight and ending with Demon Hunter.

Death Knights

If Death Knights were going to be added though, we'd almost certainly make a return to the frozen wasteland that is Northrend; A fan favourite destination since its title debut in Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne. Hearthstone took us to the icy land almost four years ago in August 2017, so by the time Death Knights would be done, if they were being worked on now, it would be around six years which makes the return likely.

There is still plenty to explore in Northrend including the titan-forged complex of Ulduar, a fav favourite in World of Warcraft which has been on the Hearthstone whiteboard for at least six years, the great nation of Zul'Drak, home of the Drakkari tribe of trolls, the spider kingdom of Azjol-Nerub, and so much more. Hearthstone could use the opportunity to return to explore the stories within Northrend that World of Warcraft was never able to finish.

So, what do you want to see next? Monks? Death Knights? Another class that isn't playable in World of Warcraft? Let us know in the comments below!

Quote From Dean Ayala

NOTE: Neither of these are in development, just a curious question from a curious designer.

Monk or Death Knight?