Riot Games' Legends of Runeterra has officially been out of beta for 1 whole year! As a part of the celebration, they have released some info on the most popular cards, cosmetics, and how many players they've had - 14.2 Million! Let's check out all the fun!

Most Popular Champions

These are the most popular champions being played in the past year.

Elise Card Image Braum Card Image Tryndamere Card Image

But, that's for all players; What about those at platinum and above? Riot has us covered!

Elise Card Image Braum Card Image Sejuani Card Image

Braum and Elise stronk!

Most Popular Cards

Do any of these cards surprise you for being in the top 3? Here they are broken down by their card types.

Omen Hawk Card Image Shadow Assassin Card Image Hapless Aristocrat Card Image

Vile Feast Card Image Mystic Shot Card Image Deny Card Image

The Grand Plaza Card Image Star Spring Card Image The Veiled Temple Card Image