We've got a wonderful update this morning from the Hearthstone dev team on the missing portraits for players that started post-patch with over 200, 400, and 600 total rewards track wins. 

To recap, the issue was with the new "Tavern Regular" achievement, which is the source of the new Tier 2 Hero Skins. Players that already reached milestones before the patch have so far been unable to claim their portrait rewards. A fix is now going out in waves to give everyone at these achievement breakpoints the ability to choose their desired skins.

Confused at how you earn these? Don't be!

  • Every 200 levels you get on the rewards track, overall, not in a single track, gets you a Tier 2 hero skin.
  • These are retroactive so your leveling in the Darkmoon Faire pass counts.

Here are Celestalon's tweets from this evening confirming the rollout of the fix. Keep in mind that they are going out in waves, so if yours aren't fixed right now, they should be soon.

Quote From Celestalon

We're aware of the Tavern Regular achievement starting out already claimed for people with >200 levels already. Working on a fix!

Starting to roll out the fix for this. Won't be an instant process, might be a few hours in different regions, but check your achievement window!

FYI, this is going out in waves, 200 level fixes should be tonight, 400/600 probably tomorrow. Thanks for your patience on this one! These skins are awesome, hope you enjoy them. :)

The New Tavern Regular "Tier 2" Skins

Each main hero has a new skin that is available from this achievement.