Hearthstone Game Designer, Matt London, was busy on Twitter over the weekend asking Hearthstone players about their favourite adventure content. Everyone had plenty of different opinions from all of Hearthstone's solo content but one that stood out, and prompted an additional, interesting question was Dungeon Run.

Dungeon Run was Hearthstone's first go at a roguelite game and was released on December 7, 2017 alongside the launch of Kobolds & Catacombs. The fresh mode spawned several iterations of the same product - Monster Hunt, Rumble Run, Dalaran Heist, and Tombs of Terror - but since 2019, we haven't seen new content in this realm.

Matt asked what the community thought about updating Dungeon Run with new cards, treasures, and bosses. Such an update would likely be trivial in the grand scheme of things and more importantly, would provide more value to the mode allowing players to have even more content to play in Hearthstone. This would also be a great opportunity to do a ton of achievements as well.

Keep in mind that nothing is set in stone. A developer asking for feedback on Twitter never guarantees that we'll see anything come to light in-game, but it certainly is nice to gain some insight into what they may be thinking about. These types of posts can help build more discussion within the community about what we all want to see Blizzard focusing on, so be sure to provide your feedback.

Quote From Matt London

What is your favorite @PlayHearthstone Solo Adventure content? Why is it your favorite? *takes notes* (Source)

What do people think of this? Update Dungeon Run with new cards, treasures, bosses? (Source)

After a fascinating day of conversation about Hearthstone single player, I’ve concluded that everyone has a favorite adventure. I didn’t count, but Dungeon Run, Heist, and Puzzles seem like the Top 3. (Source)

What's your perspective on how storytelling can work in multiplayer content? Obviously single player is best suited for it, but I don't enjoy single player stuff. I'm sure it's more complicated but there's a lot of potential.

Long version: I love it. Huge potential, even beyond emergent narrative which has made past Blizzard games masterpieces. So much more to say about this.
Short version: We might be doing something in this realm this year. Small, experimental. Stay tuned. (Source)

Food for Thought

Respond with your answers to the following questions - more opinions are always great!

  1. What is your favourite adventure content?
  2. Why is that content your favourite?
  3. Dungeon Run: Would you like to see new bosses, treasures, and cards?