May 28, 2019 - Out of Cards is born.

It's now been two years since Out of Cards came online and although it has been challenging, it has been a breath of fresh air to not be beholden to a corporation that doesn't care about its communities. Its kind of crazy to think though for the majority of the site's life, we've been in a pandemic. Today is a cause for celebration though so let's get that hype train started!

Next week we'll be kicking off a site event to celebrate our birthday and it will last throughout the month of June. Things will be a bit different than last year's event though, we've got plenty of tech improvements since then, so you can look forward to a slightly less chaotic event overall. We'll be coming at you with custom content, fresh cosmetics, giveaways, and more. Speaking of cosmetics, that gold that we've been accumulating a bit of will be finally usable on the site =)

Thank you. Thank you to everyone who has been a part of our journey so far. The audience we have built has been awesome and I'm looking forward to our continued growth over the next year and beyond. Keep things positive, share kindness, and help your fellow community members. Here's to another year!

- Flux

Oh hey, while I have you here, I know the basis of our community was built off of HearthPwn and I feel like it's important to tell you that your data is being sold, again.

The company that received HearthPwn, and other sites from Fandom, is selling off everything in a 12 million dollar sale to M.O.B.A. Network, the same folks who own Mobafire. (Source 1) (Source 2)

This hasn't really been publicized but what a damn shitshow. If you look at the history of that site, which starts with Curse, everyone's data has passed through the following companies:

  • Curse
  • Twitch
  • Fandom
  • Magic Find
  • M.O.B.A. Network (Mobafire)

This bullshit further cements that leaving the site and not working with the team that acquired the site off Fandom, for free, was the right call at the end of the day for our staff and community. It would be heartbreaking to be at the helm of that and seeing yourself being forced to move somewhere else yet again.

To anyone who still makes use of HearthPwn and doesn't want to move over to Mobafire's company, we welcome you here with open arms into a community we're trying to keep as positive as possible. You're also well within your rights to ask them to delete your data and account instead of having it sold - don't forget that!