Blizzard has sent out a survey about Hearthstone Mercenaries and we've got some screenshots and descriptions of the mode from it! Thanks to LeadingmoreH on Twitter for sharing these.

With details being so easily available, we suspect that we'll be hearing something about the mode very soon, with a launch coming either alongside the next expansion or slightly before or after.

First up we've got a few images that showcase the new mode including:

  • Battlefield
  • Game Map
  • Mercenary / Character Levels



We've also got descriptions of the new mode! We've transcribed the images for easier reading.

Quote From Mercenaries Survey


Master an all-new challenge in Hearthstone's single-player, competitive roguelike game mode: Mercenaries. Build and customize your dream team of iconic Warcraft characters to take into battle, vanquish foes, and collect bounties. Use your earnings to customize, upgrade, and equip your team with the abilities and treasures needed to jump back into battle and storm through ever-changing maps… or other players! As your Mercenaries progress, so too will their opponents, so keep your strategies at the forefront as you tackle this all-new combat system. Which of your Mercenaries will earn their glory?

Additional Details

  • Deck-free Battles: Say goodbye to building and balancing 30-card decks. Instead, choose which 6 Mercenaries you think have what it takes to team up and take home the bounty.
  • Collect, Experiment, and Conquer: Put countless squad combinations and strategies to the test with more than 50 Mercenaries to collect at launch, each with unique abilities to bring to battle. Continue to grow your roster with new game-changing mercenaries dropping monthly.
  • Innovative Combat: Deal damage with a twist as you and your opponent queue abilities and select targets, then sit back and watch the right unfold. Pay close attention to the order of your abilities to get the most damage out of each move.
  • Align and your team will shine: Battles only get more heated with the introduction of alignments, giving on-the-spot bonus damage based on which Mercenaries take to the board.
  • Play Your Way: Fight through evolving maps and bosses at your own pace or go head-to-head with other players. How you play and progress is entirely up to you!
  • Replay All Day: Randomized maps and seemingly endless team treasure, and ability combinations make for a unique experience with every battle.
  • Expand Your Village: Put down roots in your Mercenaries' gathering grounds. Your Village will start small, but as your squadron grows, so too will your Village!