The last patch before Rise of the Underworlds releases later this month on June 30, Patch 2.10.0 brings us some summer-themed cosmetics including 6 new Pool Party Champion Skins!

Patch 2.10.0 Highlights:

  • 6 Pool Party Skins - Draven, Fiora, Heimerdinger, Taliyah, Taric, and Zoe (See Skins Here)
  • Lagoon of Legends Board
  • Surfrider Fen Guardian
  • Pool Party Taliyah and Heimerdinger Card Backs
  • Pool Party Taliyah and Taric Emotes

Import Notes About Patch 2.11.0 - Rise of the Underworlds:

  • Rise of Underworlds launches June 30.
  • The patch will include a "large batch" of card changes for both Champion and non-champion cards.
  • We just need to wait 2 more weeks for a large shake-up!

New Board - Lagoon of Legends

Welcome to the party.

New Guardian - Surfrider Fen

Early tales of mermaid sightings were later attributed to manatees, but… we have other theories.

This guardian is exclusive to the Surf’s Up Bundle.

New Card Backs - Pool Party Edition

Two new card backs have been added featuring Taliyah and Heimerdinger.

New Emotes - Taliyah and Taric

  • Need a Moment Taliyah - Imagine you’re on a beach...
  • Catch You Later Taric - Let’s do this again sometime.

New Bundles

Two new bundles are available.

Surf's Up Bundle

Available for 2205 Coins.

  • Need a Moment & Catch You Later Emotes
  • Lagoon of Legends Board
  • Surfrider Fen Guardian
  • Pool Party Taliyah Card Back

Pool Party Bundle

Available for 5272 Coins.

  • Pool Party Heimerdinger
  • Pool Party Draven
  • Pool Party Taric
  • Pool Party Zoe
  • Pool Party Taliyah
  • Pool Party Fiora

You can see all the skins in our dedicated post.

Patch 2.10.0 Bugfixes

Quote From Riot

  • Attacking with more than one Ashe should now correctly Frostbite multiple targets.
  • Invoking with Aurelion Sol should now correctly show all 3 cards at once from the opponent's perspective.
  • Fixed an issue that would prevent progress in the Light and Shadow Challenge.
  • Fixed an issue that would sometimes cause units created by Slaughter Docks to be unable to attack or block.
  • Fixed an issue where Draven would incorrectly level up when being released from Entomb.
  • Fixed an issue where Yasuo would incorrectly play his ability FX when striking normally in combat.
  • Several improvements to text across the game in our continued effort for text consistency.