Alex Horley shared Emerald Malfurion's full art prior to the launch of his Book of Heroes chapter this week and it shows plenty of extra detail! The outer art that we don't get to see on the hero skin shows Malfurion in... the Emerald Dream. Malfurion went looking for the corruption and he sure found it!

Alex painted this stunning piece on a 14x24 canvas with acrylic and oil paints. You can see more of Alex's art over on his site, Twitter, and Instagram. You can also see cards he's created art for in our database.

You can still pickup the Emerald Malfurion hero in the Hearthstone shop through June 30. The new Book of Heroes chapter is also available in-game and completing it will let you experience more of Malfurion's story and give you a Druid card pack for completing the content.