The weekend has arrived, so it's time for another Wild post. Our community members have once again been building and tinkering in search of the hidden gems of Uldum. Let's take a look at what they've come up with, shall we?

Quest Highlander Paladin

Inconspicuosaurus has recruited Sir Finley and Reno to help with finding The Last Kaleidosaur, Galvadon.

Even Recruit Warrior

Even Warriors can have big minions (ok, ok, I'll stop the "even" joke attempts for good). BulboScumbeg promises that the deck has a real chance against Secret Mages, and having a 1-cost Hero Power will surely help with that.

OTK Priest

MortalWombat didn't feel like playing Warlock as most SN1P-SN4P OTKs tend to, but instead chose to go for the fun route and try to assemble the combo with Priest. All you need to do is to get a third Mechwarper through Zola or Seance.

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Highlander Hunter

ZessHunter lives up to his name with this Highlander list. The Kathrena Winterwisp inclusion will create some strong turns as Dinotamer Brann won't be the only minion summoning big Beasts on the board.

Evolve Shaman

Lastly I'll share something from the wondrous world of Twitter. This Shaman list has been working well at the very top Legend ranks of Asia.

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