The full set of cards dropping into the game with United in Stormwind has been revealed! As we always do here, it is time to review these new cards, this article focusing on how Warrior is likely to perform in the new meta.

Keep in mind that this is an early look at the class before we've been able to play with the new cards, so while we try to be as accurate as possible in our predictions of what is to come, no one can perfectly predict the Hearthstone meta. Not that it ever stops any of us from trying. 

Warrior Deck Themes in United in Stormwind

The previous set was all about frenzied rushing with added handbuffing to spice things up. Now we're going to take a different turn, recalling some of the themes of the past. 

Pirates are back in the Standard game! It's been a while ever since the original Patches the Pirate & crew put fear into everyone's hearts. But this time, the package looks to be more midrange-y and even somewhat defensive. 

It's easy to forget, but Commencement is still around. Even if it has been dormant for the past expansion. So maybe there is enough here to have a little fun with it again. 

Whether the Tradeable card might actually replace any other armor gain options remains to be seen, but Provoke is already looking juicy. Now we won't have to feel bad about dropping a huge minion with no initiative on curve while there are tons of smaller threats on the other side. 

Most likely it just got misplaced among all that pirate cargo lying around.

Let's see what this particular selection of cards can get us:

The Questline

Raid the Docks Card Image Create a Distraction Card Image Secure the Supplies Card Image
Sailing away, pillaging, and enjoying the spoils. Don't you love when it all comes together.

Here is our grand Mercenary story in three acts: Rokara navigates the waters near Stormwind Harbor (can you feel the breeze?), attempts a fierce mid-air roundhouse kick upon landing (poor guy), then apparently snatches some supplies from unfortunate Stormwind crew. Let's hope it was worth it. They probably had all those loose mech pieces stored away. 

So play pirates, then more pirates, and even more pirates. Guess we know what the associated deck is going to be about. Drawing a weapon after the first subquest is done comes in handy, while the second part reward is a lot more hit-and-miss. And finally, a grand entrance by Pirate Rokara and her newest toy: 

Cap'n Rokara Card Image The Juggernaut Card Image
It somehow manages to float.

An infinite value engine that cannot be removed or stopped, more than fine enough to close out most games. Not necessarily able to efficiently deal with anything that's about playing huge minions, however. It seems like a good fit for any Pirate-themed midrange deck (we shouldn't expect it to be overly aggressive), but it wouldn't be too surprising if Control Warrior tries to adopt it towards their win conditions. 

Warrior weapons in Standard are pretty decent, for the most part (Reaper's Scythe, Outrider's Axe, Gorehowl, Bulwark of Azzinoth might be desirable at times; Spiked Wheel or Whetstone Hatchet noticeably less wanted). In Wild it wouldn't be too fun to end up with Cursed Blade or Molten Blade. Or well, it would be... for the opponent. 

Pirates vary from small to mid-sized bodies, and most of them come with Battlecries. So we can't expect to get full value here. Cannons are a cool concept adding small chunks of consistent damage, sometimes to face. Enough to annoy even annoying Priests. 

There are big hopes for this one to become one of the more playable Questline concepts in the set. I know I'm counting on it.

P.S. For actual numbers, I recommend taking a look at Echo's article on the topic here


Lothar Card Image
Hear him roar! With grace.

Anduin Lothar, the Lion of Azeroth, has a storied legacy within the Warcraft universe (yep, our beloved Anduin is actually named after this guy - let's just say his father was a fan). And a couple of monuments erected in his honor. Now he graces us with the distinguished presence in Hearthstone, only having a small token introduced with his namesake before. 

The card itself? Not as Legendary as one might expect from somebody of this caliber. It is a removal option and a potential threatening presence for different kinds of Warrior (from Rush to Big/Control variants), but it's not one we would be happy to drop on an empty board or against multiple pesky small minions. A decent consideration, yet is it good enough to edge out something like Mutanus the Devourer in the same mana slot (especially now that Provoke exists, which admittedly works for Lothar as well)? It could just come up a little short.

Remote-Controlled Golem

Remote-Controlled Golem Card Image Golem Parts Card Image
Ah, yeah... think we've misplaced the controller.

It is a card. Checking odd multiple Enrage/Frenzy boxes. Which could be further buffed with Conditioning (Rank 1) and used along with Provoke, but it's hard to imagine a bunch of 2/1s scaring anyone. Especially once we add in fairly unreliable card draw conditions. It all feels rather mismatched, even if the class has a certain fondness for including minions which do something once hurt slightly. The scale of Rotface it's most certainly not.


Provoke Card Image
"You Scurvy Dog and Son of a Biscuit Eater all in one!"

A lovely flexible option, thanks to that Tradeable tag never being a dead card in our hand. That makes a huge difference anytime the overall card draw is rather limited. 

Great synergies with the deadliness of Venomous Scorpid to get rid of a big threat, or anything bulky to clean up lots of small minions (be it Rattlegore, Kresh, Lord of Turtling, or the new addition in Mo'arg Forgefiend). Big and Control Warrior alike should appreciate it a lot.

Cowardly Grunt

Cowardly Grunt Card Image
Grunt's life is very difficult.

A surprising addition, recycling the idea of a larger Possessed Lackey from a distant past. Just as many people managed to forget Commencement is actually a card. 

A Big Warrior revival seems fairly unlikely and the class isn't exactly known for its Deathrattle support, but you know somebody is going to have to try.

Shiver Their Timbers!

Shiver Their Timbers! Card Image
Translation, Your Friendly Pirate Dictionary: "Holy Cow!, "Hot Damn!" "Whoa!"

Pirate lingo stays popular. However, we can't guarantee that's what your opponent is going to exclaim once this is used to remove any of their minions.

It's a handy removal option when running a bunch of Pirates (without a critical mass of them, not so much), but we are talking about a class that already has a number of quality cards vying for a similar role.

Cargo Guard

Cargo Guard Card Image
Pirating is clearly a troll-worthy profession.

Quite an unusual effect for a Pirate, being this defensive. Yet a very good effect with a very fitting statline all the same. 

It has to be removed, seeing as the armor gains never stop. Control Warriors will certainly want to hire some of these guys to guard their precious life totals. 

Harbor Scamp

Harbor Scamp Card Image
Hard not to like that friendly face. 

This youngling could do a lot for us, in the similar manner Cagematch Custodian proved very beneficial for Shaman. Now, tutoring Pirates isn't as precious as tutoring weapons, but the likes of Sword Eater and Stonemaul Anchorman were already seeing play across various Warrior archetypes. 

Specific card draw is very precious, even if there is a fairly limited amount of truly outstanding Pirates in the current Standard format (Wild is, as always, full of options). But with anything decent being added to the tribe in the near future, this card only stands to become even more crucial.

Stormwind Freebooter

Stormwind Freebooter Card Image
Isn't every pirate essentially a freebooter?

Another Pirate, not reliant on having a weapon equipped (unlike Ratchet Privateer or older Bloodsail Cultist & Naga Corsair) but even better with one, makes for a fine play on curve. 

Might be a staple if the Questline decks chart the course for Midrange or even Aggro Warrior.

Heavy Plate

Heavy Plate Card Image
Very. Heavy. Indeed. You try to move in this!

One of the earliest released cards showcasing the brand new keyword, it's only ever a consideration for a defensive Warrior deck. There is that baked-in flexibility we missed ever since Shield Block left us, although it's still nowhere near as good. 

Could perhaps replace a copy of Shieldmaiden or something similar, but it might as well not see much play at all.

Relevant Neutrals

Varian, King of Stormwind Card Image Cornelius Roame Card Image Encumbered Pack Mule Card Image Impatient Shopkeep Card Image

Not a whole lot here. Somehow most Neutrals don't seem particularly relevant for the class. There is not even a single Pirate out there, and only a couple of underwhelming Rush minions. 

On the upside, Encumbered Pack Mule plus Conditioning (Rank 2) might result in some fun times. As if Saronite Chain Gang version 2.0.

Varian, King of Stormwind and Cornelius Roame should provide the larger Warrior decks with that extra punch potential, even though the first one is somewhat conditional.

Theorycrafting Warrior in United in Stormwind

As Barrens attempts showed us, predicting the future is always tricky. So let's see how wrong we can go this time around. 

Undoubtedly there will be a few additions here and there for our dear Rush Warrior, with Control Warrior trying to make another comeback. Not to mention everyone attempting to Raid the Docks.

For a different and hopeful take instead, turning our sights to the forgotten Big Warrior. Very likely that it's still going to be more than a little inefficient and counterable. But when it works, it's quite fun to overwhelm them with sizeable minions. 

Maybe also a potential fit for C'Thun, the Shattered?

Closing Thoughts on Warrior in Forged in the Barrens

Compared to other classes, new Warrior cards from United in Stormwind should rank somewhere in the middle in terms of power levels. Depending how much the hyped Raid the Docks Questline actually delivers.

Rush Warrior was in a very good place, and likely to remain so. Control Warrior might make some sort of comeback and be less vulnerable to certain counters. Big Warrior can keep dreaming.

Pirates' rule is what we've got to look forward to besides, with Harbor Scamp most likely causing the tribe to be scattered across a few archetypes. 

We should be heading for reasonably fun times in Stormwind. Arrrr!

Where do you stand on the Warrior class for the coming expansion? Any brand new ideas you haven't seen talked about much? We are always looking to expand our horizons! 

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