Whoa! We've got some data in from Blizzard this evening with a definitive list of the best Standard deck archetypes in United in Stormwind for the first week. The data comes courtesy of Hearthstone Data Scientist, Tian Ding.

  • This data comes from the top 1% of MMR active players in Standard Ranked play. (Source)
  • The data showcases an overall winrate and winrates for both going first and going second - in most cases, going first is better.
    • Celestalon added that a couple of metas ago, most decks it was the opposite. (Source)
  • We do not know the deck populations, so it is possible some archetypes could be inflated.
    • Celestalon pointed out that Auctioneer Quest Mage does not appear on the list due to a low sample size. (Source)
  • Tian provided a couple of deck lists, the rest we've taken an educated guess.

We've taken the original image and converted it into a table.

Cluster NameWin %1st Turn Win %2nd Turn Win %
Aggro Hunter57.8%60.4%55.2%
Elemental Shaman54.8%57.8%51.9%
Handbuff Paladin54.2%58.0%50.4%
Aggro Elemental Shaman53.6%57.1%50.2%
Rush Warrior53.4%57.4%49.1%
Questline Zoo Warlock52.5%57.0%48.0%
Spell Token Druid52.2%51.1%53.3%
Aggro Shadow Priest52.0%57.6%46.4%
Poison Rogue51.9%51.1%52.7%
Questline Shaman51.6%53.5%49.7%

Got Lists?

Tian responded to a couple folks on Twitter with example lists, but since we don't have them all we can certainly try and figure out what the rest are thanks to HSReplay.net. We've gone through their data and picked out decks that are performing at the top for each of the archetypes. You can find all these decks below - click through to get deck codes if any of them interest you.

It is also worth pointing out that Aggro Elemental Shaman has Doomhammer, regular Elemental Shaman does not.

Blizzard Verified Best Standard Decks

HSReplay Best Standard Decks

0 4800 4800 1154 0
0 5100 5100 1681 0
0 5080 5080 2626 0
0 3980 3980 697 0
0 7900 7900 907 0
0 13880 13880 1242 0
0 1240 1240 1030 0
1 3760 3760 1800 0

What About Wild?

Quote From Tian Ding

So from today's data, in Wild these decks are pretty good: Pirate Warrior (Aggro version), Odd Druid (with Questline), Odd Rogue, Questline-Giant Warlock, Aggro Paladin, Shadow-Aggro Priest.

"Pirate Warrior (Aggro version)" does that mean without the quest or is it the aggro version with the quest?

Without the quest. Something like this one: AAEBAQcGrwSRvALerQP+5wOO7QOV7QMM1AXuBvsPgrACiLAC3K0D3a0D6bADtd4DlfYDpooEr6AEAA==