We've got a ton of nerfs hitting Hearthstone's constructed play this week on August 17, let's check them all out!

Card Nerfs

Card Adjustments

These cards have received cost increases but have also had stats increased to somewhat compensate. Seeing these later in the game should help.

  • Il'gynoth - Cost is now 6 mana (Up from 4). Stats increased from 2/6 to 4/8.
  • Darkglare - Cost is now 3 mana (Up from 2). Stats increased from 2/3 to 3/4.
  • Kolkar Pack Runner - Cost is now 3 mana (Up from 2). Stats increased from 2/3 to 3/4.

Quote From Blizzard

Dev Comments: After two weeks of monitoring the rapidly evolving United in Stormwind launch metagame, we’re making a few balance changes to slow down the speed of the game by a turn or two. Overall, this translates to two things: limiting the efficiency at which combo decks can assemble the pieces they need to win, and reducing the burst damage that board-based decks have access to from hand. We hope that these changes will give a bit more room for slower strategies to find success in this meta, and we’ll continue to keep an eye on the live game to see if any further changes are needed.

Cards that have been nerfed should be disenchantable for two weeks after the patch hits tomorrow, August 17. That gives us until August 31 to get a full dust refund for the cards.

What do you think of the changes? Are there any cards on this list you're surprised to see or any that you're surprised that they didn't make it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

More Patch Notes

Quote From Blizzard

Arena Balance Update

We’ve updated the appearance rate of cards to ensure class balance remains close to the ideal 50% win-rate. Specifically, the win-rate of Druid, Warrior, and Demon Hunter should now be decreased. The win-rate of Mage, Priest, Rogue, and Shaman should now be increased. The win-rate of the other classes should be roughly the same as before.

Bug Fixes & Game Improvements

  • Updated the Stealer of Souls animation to now only trigger if the card ends up in your hand (it does not trigger for cards that are Cast When Drawn, such as Soul Shards). The animation will also no longer trigger if the drawn card already costs Health instead of Mana (such as when you have two Stealer of Souls in play).
  • Fixed card text errors for Psyfiend and Florist (no functional change to either).
  • Fixed a bug where Prismatic Jewel Kit would trigger when effects returned a Divine Shield minion to the owner’s hand or moved a Divine Shield minion from the owner’s hand to the owner’s deck.
  • Fixed a bug where Seek Guidance (the Priest questline) would sometimes count the original Cost of cards, instead of the Cost actually paid for the card.
  • Fixed a bug where the Initiate Set version of Eye Beam did not properly display card art in the Collection Manager.
  • Fixed a bug where Reborn Rites, The Lich King’s Battlegrounds hero power, caused players to disconnect from the game server.
  • Added interactions between Pave the Way (part of the Paladin Questline) and Duels-specific hero powers.
  • Fixed various bugs in Book of Heroes Gul’dan and Book of Heroes Illidan.
  • Fixed a bug where Duels achievements were not tracking properly.
  • Fixed a bug where Witchwood collection achievements triggered even though the requirements were not yet met.
  • Fixed a bug where completing all Book of Heroes installments would not display the proper achievement or give the proper award. All players who have already completed all 10 Book of Heroes will automatically receive the proper award of a Golden Standard pack.