Update: Deathwing is not returning until a future patch.

We've got an update from Blizzard this evening on bugs in this week's 2.12 Patch. 

To kick things off, a bug that was harming completion of the second and third parts of the new mystery puzzle has been resolved. We've also got a few fixes coming tomorrow for Battlegrounds.

  • Fix an issue with Deathwing & Leapfrogger in Battlegrounds.
  • Visual bugs with enemies showing up as the wrong Tavern Tier.
  • Fix a bug with Razorgore, the Untamed's buffs being separate for each Dragon controlled.

The timing of tomorrow's fixes isn't currently known but we'd wager on sometime early afternoon if a client patch is required.

Quote From Kerfluffle

(Edited) We are deploying a server-side hotfix tonight to fix a rare bug that was blocking interactions with the middle of the screen. This hotfix will also resolve issues with the ‘Gift of Elune’ Mystery.

Tomorrow, we plan to deploy another hotfix to:

  • Add Deathwing back into the Battlegrounds Hero pool.
  • Add Leapfrogger back into the Battlegrounds minion pool.
  • Fix a visual bug that caused enemies to show the wrong tavern tier in Battlegrounds.
  • Fix a bug that treated Razorgore, the Untamed’s effect as a separate buff for each Dragon you controlled, instead of one combined buff at the end of each turn.

We will continue to monitor the issues to determine if any further steps are needed, and will update this post with any additional info.

9/1 UPDATE: Due to an unforeseen issue, Deathwing will not be reenabled tomorrow. Deathwing will return to Battlegrounds in our next patch.