This week's 2.13.0 patch is now live and features the card buffs and nerfs that were announced yesterday, of which we discussed our thoughts them if you missed it. Also:

Tip: Remember to type "refund" in your collection manager to find the cards which can be disenchanted for their full dust value!

Mobile players, as usual, the patch will take some additional time to arrive on your devices. This is due to the way updates on mobile works, requiring Google and Apple to approve the updates.

Shadowlands Hero Skin Bundle

We previewed this in our recent datamining adventures. The Shadowlands Skin bundle is now available for $24.99 USD and includes 4 hero skins. It is available through October 11.

If you want to hear their voicelines, head on over to our datamining.

It should be noted that the upcoming Fairy Tale skins are not currently in the client.

New Licenses - Bundles Coming!

Update: It looks like Golden Standard and Wild bundles are now available.

We've datamined internal names for some new bundles.

  • Golden Standard Bundle
  • Mega Golden Standard Bundle
  • Omega Golden Standard Bundle

We've also got some of the Bob's Bargains deals coming again. These bundles are normally targeted at certain players.

  • 21.3 Bob's Bargain Standard 20 Packs
  • 21.3 Bob's Bargain Standard 35 Packs
  • 21.3 Bob's Bargain Standard 50 Packs
  • 21.3 Bob's Bargain Wild 20 Packs
  • 21.3 Bob's Bargain Wild 40 Packs
  • 21.3 Bob's Bargain Standard 60 Packs

Like Bob's Bargain with bundle targets, Tavern Special will also be making a return soon.

  • 21.3 Tavern Special 20 Stormwind Packs
  • 21.3 Tavern Special 35 Stormwind Packs
  • 21.3 Tavern Special 50 Stormwind Packs

Classic gets some love too!

  • 21.3 Golden Classic Bundle (Rank 1)
  • 21.3 Mega Golden Classic Bundle (Rank 2)
  • 21.3 Omega Golden Classic Bundle (Rank 3)