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We've datamined a new building for Hearthstone Mercenaries called the "Training Hall", or Training Grounds as it is referred to sometimes internally. This building was absent on the original Mercenaries Village and has not yet been seen by Blizzard in any other communications. With the mode less than two weeks away from launch now, and it not being implemented fully in the game, we're assuming this is likely an update that we'll see in the future.

Please remember that datamined information is subject to change as the content is not yet released and is based on our best attempt to interpret the client.

How Does the Training Hall Work?

When one Mercenary loves another Mercenary very much, th- The Training Hall allows you to place two of your Mercenary heroes into a "daycare" setting which will allow them to accumulate experience while you aren't playing.

The Old Man always reminded me of Master Roshi...

Initially, only one training slot will be open so you can train one Mercenary at a time. Your first upgrade to Tier 2 will increase the amount of experience Mercenaries inside of the Training Hall receive, with a final and third tier of the building finally opening up the second slot. More details on those costs in a moment.

How Much Experience (XP) Do Mercenaries Earn in the Training Hall

We were unable to find any client-side values that would let us know how much experience you can earn, though it does appear to be an hourly amount.

What Does the Training Hall Look Like?

We've datamined the interface you will see for the Training Hall. On the left you can see your Mercenary characters and on the right you can see who is currently taking part in a special time.

How Expensive is the Training Hall

Unlike other buildings in Mercenaries which are mostly free, the Training Hall is going to be responsible for over a third of your gold costs for construction inside of the village.

The Training Hall costs a total of 600 Gold to fully upgrade. Here is the breakdown per tier:

The Training Grounds - Tier 0

  • Cost: Free (0 Gold)
  • Unlocks: An empty plot of land.

The Training Grounds - Tier 1

  • Cost: Free (0 Gold)
  • Unlocks: A place to train your Mercenaries.

The Training Grounds - Tier 2

  • Cost: 200 Gold
  • Unlocks: Improve the training experience

The Training Grounds - Tier 3

  • Cost: 400 Gold
  • Unlocks: An additional training slot

How Long Until My Mercenaries Egg Hatches?


What sort of messed up crossover fan fiction is this?

That's everything we know about the Training Hall. Are you excited to make Mercenary babies experience gains?