The long-awaited announcement of the United in Stormwind Mini-Set finally arrived this week, and we won't have to wait for long as we'll have the new cards in our hands already next Tuesday. Meanwhile here are some Wild decks from our community members to pass the time until then.

Even Druid

A rarely seen archetype from gusty24. Taunt and Attack synergies are in the core of this list, and Embiggen will help if you're losing the early tempo battle.

Quest Paladin

When life gives you Da Undatakah, you make mummies. While DePachy doesn't seem too pleased to have the legendary troll, the list is a nice throwback to the Uldum quest, spiced with some Libram synergies.

Mill Shaman

Is there anything Bolner can't do? OTK specialist MarkMcKz uses the Shaman dwarf for some milling fun with Coldlight Oracle. Emperor Thaurissan seems mandatory for the true OTK combo.

Shadow Priest

A Pirate-less Shadow Priest variant from 0Alquimista. In addition to a lot of face damage, the list also packs a spicy tech inclusion in Kobold Monk.

Shuffle Rogue

Shuffle Rogue in its purest form, as the main win condition of the list are endless Plush Bears and Leyline Spiders. Johnnino's list naturally includes Stowaway and Shek'zara to help with fishing the tokens out.

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Found something awesome yourself? Create a Wild deck and share it in the comments below. Don't forget to include a guide!