We've been waiting a very, very long time for this particular Mini-Set to deliver us from what became an overly familiar United in Stormwind metagame. Was it worth all that anticipation, were the hopeful prayers answered? Will the Pirates & Parrots rise to the occasion as somewhat unlikely saviors? Can Edwin, Defias Kingpin live up to the notorious fame of his previous incarnation? How many Questlines still remain? Is Mr. Smite in charge literally everywhere? 

These and other burning questions may not all have immediate answers (except, well, you can certainly find this one crewmate around a lot), but we've already witnessed some creative takes on the new card additions. At this point you can probably guess which one has garnered the highest amount of "absolutely must nerf!!!" Day 1 votes. That Leeroy Jenkins wannabe, eh.

Mr. Smite Card Image

The first 24 hours of any new metagame are always quite volatile, so the usual disclaimers apply: except that mini-sets tend to be worth their weight in gold, as it's still faster and cheaper to collect everything at once rather than try to get there through crafting or pack openings. In any case, the refreshed United in Stormwind + Deadmines decks of today may go through several iterations by the time the weekend rolls around. We'll be keeping an eye on further developments.

For now, let's see who's been leading the early charge. 

Otsuna's Aggro Druid

Aggro/Taunt Druid took a liking to a couple of new toys: Jerry Rig Carpenter pairs rather nicely with Sow the Soil for a valuable extra minion and a mini Arbor Up, while Druid of the Reef offers versatility (Park Panther was the only Rush minion otherwise). The rest of the package should be very familiar. The deck certainly remains strong in capable hands - as Otsuna piloted it all the way to Rank 1 Legend. 

Orange's OTK Celestial Druid

On one hand, an unlikely mix of cards. On the other hand, where does our new Pirate Leeroy not fit? Moonlit Guidance is such a versatile addition for various Druid archetypes, expect to see it around a ton from now on. Both Feno and Orange were having some good fun with it. 

McBanterFace's Proving Grounds Demon Hunter

A curious experiment to make Big Demon Hunter work (once again). It usually refuses to come together, and it could very well just be a bait before the deck moves into meme territory. But for now, McBanterFace found a way to get a lot of mileage out of the new Proving Grounds inclusion. 

Dmoney's Deathrattle Hunter

Not Questline or Face focus! Monstrous Parrot re-awakening Deathrattle dreams for Hunter, who would've thought. It's hard to keep track how many times those hopes were dashed in the past, but each new set means yet another try. Dmoney has found some early success with this particular mixture. We should probably expect further refinement.

Gle's Aggro Paladin

Parrot power! This time with Sunwing Squawker. The rest of the plan is what we know well by now. Set up some sticky and/or stealthy minions, some buffs, go face with the assistance of Battleground Battlemaster. Oh, and that charging Mr. Smite might lend a hand as well. Worked out for Gle early on. 

Bunnyhoppor's Brilliant Doomhammer Shaman

Let the parrot jokes commence! That's truly brilliant. Like a Brilliant Macaw. Besides, we get not-so-brilliant Elemental package and Bolner Hammerbeak pretending to be another parrot (ha, "beak"!). Also the familiar Doomhammer support to truly smash all opposing faces. 

D0nkey's SI:7 Edwin/Mr. Smite Rogue

D0nkey was on such a good winning streak, he literally had to ask for somebody to put an end to it just so he could get some rest. That sounds pretty promising. Edwin, Defias Kingpin and Mr. Smite join the known SI:7 composition of cards. Can Questline Rogue prove Garrote isn't all that superior?

MadThanos' Questlock

MadThanos was recommending a more focused "turbo" approach to completing the Questline and discounting everyone's favorite Flesh Giant. Shadowblade Slinger is trying to become a new Prize Plunderer, doing some solid work.  

NoHandsGamer's Quest Pirate Warrior

The one everyone's been expecting with the arrival of Mr. Smite. Where better than with a bunch of friendly pirates? Blacksmithing Hammer is the other new toy. The list includes that Lord Barov plus Rancor combo, and beyond that it's about the same rowdy bunch as before. Except now they can charge faces. NoHandsGamer finds it best. 

This isn't necessarily everything that can be found out there, as that's so many variations to begin with. Perhaps there will even be enough new material for another look in a day or two. As you can probably guess, Mr. Smite is being included in many other decks as well. Even Shadow Priest is trying to make a comeback with such semi-finisher potential. 

And how about the rest of you - tried to parrot and charge people on ladder or instead opted for the variety of options in other game modes? Did you have enough gold to spare for the Mini-Set in the first place? Personally I was still a little bit away when the patch went live (damn you, Mercenaries!).