Fractured in Alterac Valley is just over the horizon, and reveal season is in full swing, so the question on everyone's mind is: For the Alliance, or For the Horde? With the expansion's first Legendaries being added to the game, many players have been confronted with that very question. Whether you're wondering which of Vanndar Stormpike or Drek'Thar you should pick, or you're looking for something to play, we've got a selection of community decks to tide you over until the real battle gets going.

For the Alliance!

Vanndar Stormpike Card Image

Vanndar Stormpike is designed for decks packed full of expensive minions, making them cheaper so Goliath, Sneed's Masterpiece or N'Zoth, God of the Deep can come into play earlier to destroy all of your opponent's hopes and dreams. Vanndar's biggest weakness comes from his ability to only discount minions in deck, which means you'll still have to wait to play any of those expensive ones you've already drawn.

Kibler's FOR THE ALLIANCE! Priest

Noted League of Legends streamer Brian Kibler chose to represent the Alliance in Alterac Valley, and played with this N'Zoth Priest deck. Thanks to Vanndar's discount, Lightshower Elemental and Mo'arg Forgefiend get into the Res pool a lot quicker, just in time to be brought back by Amulet of Undying and N'Zoth, God of the Deep.

Regis Killbin's Big Demon Hunter

This deck is less interested in recursion and more interested in smashing big monsters into its opponent's face over and over. Like most slower Demon Hunter lists, this deck runs an ample amount of Lifesteal weapons and spells to stay alive long enough to flip the board with Pit Commander and other various big demons.

Big Paladin

Not since the days of Duel! has Paladin been this excited to play only big minions. Equality comes in to replace Lord Barov for City Tax board clears, and an early Secret package aims to keep the opponent on their toes until the big bodies come down.

Primordial Guardians Druid

Clown Druid is back, only this time it has more things to do in the early game. Vanndar effectively serves as additional ramp for a deck chock-full of large bodies (can we interest you in a turn 5 Primordial Protector?) that can still win the old-fashioned way without Vanndar's discount.

Deathrattle Hunter

Like Clown Druid, this list uses Vanndar to discount Primordial Protector to get that sweet, sweet tempo swing from a random 10-drop summon. Jewel of N'Zoth is this deck's recursion spell of choice, and if none of that works out for you then you can always spin the Wheel of Yogg.

For the Horde!

Drek'Thar Card Image

Fittingly, Drek'Thar is quite literally Vanndar's opposite number, rewarding players for putting only small minions into their decks. Aggressive swarm decks are likely Drek'Thar's jam; just remember not to shuffle in larger minions (like those pesky primes) before you play him.

Aggro Druid

What nerf? Razormane Battleguard looks as healthy as ever, and with new friend Drek'Thar could be even more of a menace than they were before. Also, thanks to Drek'Thar, previously overlooked minions like Enchanted Raven and Guff Runetotem get a chance to shine. Guff gets an additional buff from the pair of cheap Nature spells that Jerry splits from Sow the Soil.

Stealth Rogue

This aggressive Rogue deck uses Drek'Thar to swarm the board with cheap Stealth minions, or solid 3-Drops like Ticket Master, Robes of Protection and Mankrik. Shadowstep, while not great for Drek'Thar, does cool stuff with Greyheart Sage and Mankrik.

Rally Priest

It turns out that getting Nazmani Bloodweaver into play alongside a 4/4 body is pretty good, and allows for all sorts of shenanigans with cheap spells like Draconic Studies, Holy Smite, and Renew. Do you believe in Miracles?

Porcupine Hunter

Drek'Thar and Devouring Swarm could be a favored synergy in Hunter, as this deck goes deep to use Drek'Thar to summon extra copies of Augmented Porcupine that have been buffed by Shan'do Wildclaw or shuffled by Northshire Farmer. Unlike most Drek'Thar decks, you'll want to wait to play him.

Rush Warrior

This version of Rush Warrior eschews some of the bigger minions like Overlord Runthak and Ringmaster Whatley so that Drek'Thar can cut out the middle man by summoning minions directly from the deck (passing the savings on to you!). Whether it's Rokara, Playmaker, or Parade Leader, this deck has plenty of good'uns for Drek'Thar to bring to the battlefield.

Whether your preferred method of winning is playing larger and larger men with Vanndar Stormpike, or summoning a swarm of smaller minions with Drek'Thar, there are plenty of decks to try out and a variety of ways to use your shiny new Legendary.

Which side did you pick? How did you build around your chosen commander? Share your thoughts in the comments!

If you have your own Alterac theorycraft decks to share, be sure to add them to our site via the deckbuilder. Don't forget to include a guide!