There are six bundles leaving the Hearthstone shop after today so if you're looking to get a deal on Mercenaries, Battlegrounds, Wild, or Standard content, now might be your last chance.

Bundles Going Away

There are six bundles leaving. Here are their names and what you can get from them (along with US pricing).

Legendary Mercenary Bundle ($9.99)

  • 1x Random Legendary Mercenary Card
  • 10x Mercenary Packs

If you have already collected all Legendary Mercenaries, you will receive 100 Mercenary Coins for a random Legendary Mercenary instead of a random Legendary Mercenary.

Mercenary Portrait Bundle ($6.99)

  • 3x Random Mercenary Portraits

If you do not already own a base portrait for a Mercenary, you will receive that base portrait. If you do own the base portrait, you will receive a random portrait you do not own.'

If you own all portraits for all Mercenaries you own, you will receive Mercenary Coins for a random Mercenary you own.

Battlegrounds Bundle Hallow's End ($19.99)

Gala Medivh comes alongside 7 Battlegrounds Hero Skins in this bundle.

Gala Medivh Card Image Agent Z Card Image Cowboy N'Zoth Card Image Flamewarden Ragnaros Card Image

Toki the Clown Card Image Orgrimmar Grunt Brann Card Image Pugilist Omu Card Image Shado-pan Jaraxxus Card Image

Cowboy N'Zoth even has a special skin for his fish!

Cattlecarp of N'Zoth Card Image

And here's a preview of Medivh's Voicelines.

Battlegrounds Bartender Ve’nari ($9.99)

Ve’nari's Bartender skin will be leaving the shop after today. Check out the voiceline preview below to see if you want to add Ve'nari to your collection.

Ve'nari Card Image

Year of the Phoenix Bundle ($19.99)

Celebrate last year's set of expansions with Year of the Phoenix packs. Don't let the name of the bundle fool you though because this isn't only focusing on last year's content. The deal at $19.99 gives you an extra 10 packs over what you'd normally get for the price (15 vs 25 in the bundle) which is great - even if the cards in the packs are all rotating in roughly 4 months - but where things get interesting is in the legendary cards included. Here's what the bundle contains:

  • 2x Random Standard Legendary Cards
  • 25x Year of the Phoenix Packs

The packs in this bundle contain cards from the following expansions:

  • Ashes of Outland
  • Scholomance Academy
  • Madness at the Darkmoon Faire
  • Madness at the Darkmoon Faire Mini Set (Included in Normal Darkmoon Packs)

The random legendary cards in this bundle can come from the Year of the Phoenix expansions, but you also have a chance to see them from this year's Forged in the Barrens and United in Stormwind sets. Honestly, not a bad deal if you're looking to finish up some legendary collections.

Wild Bundle ($29.99)

Does anyone else wish Blizzard would be a little bit more entertaining with their bundle names? "Wild Bundle" is not the first time we've seen this type of bundle and it won't be the last. This iteration of the wild bundle is as follows:

  • 2x Random Legendary Cards from Wild Expansions
  • 40x Wild Packs

Last Call For Stormwind Guard Guff!

You have an extra day for Stormwind Guard Guff but it is critical you unlock this friendly Tauren for free if you haven't already. Visit the Hearthstone shop to claim before December hits!

Stormwind Guard Guff Card Image