In this week's major Hearthstone patch which bumped the game version up to 22.0 and paves the way for our grand entrance into the battleground that is Alterac Valley, Blizzard added a bunch of new Battlegrounds hero skins! We've got 24 new skins arriving in both bundles and the upcoming Alterac Valley Tavern Pass, so if you're interested, read on!

Also, it is worth mentioning that we've datamined that the Shadowlands and Beach Party sets of hero skins should be making a return within the next few months.

Mechastorm Bundle

This bundle is already available in the shop and is $19.99 for 8 hero skins and the Bartendotron bartender.

Bartendotron Card Image

Amalgamech Wagtoggle Card Image Empyreal Xyrella Card Image Felblaze Tickatus Card Image Holofist Rafaam Card Image

Infernojet Ragnaros Card Image Mechastorm Al'Akir Card Image Mecha'thun Card Image Riddling Tempest Tess Card Image

Winter Veil Battlegrounds Bundle

While this bundle is not yet available, we're expecting it to arrive very soon with its snowy and holiday themed content. Like other Battlegrounds bundles, it should cost $19.99 and feature Greatfather Boom as the bartender replacement.

Notably, the Finley & Metzen image is a reference to Chris Metzen who left Blizzard a few years back to found Warchief Gaming, which recently successfully kickstarted their Auroboros: Coils of the Serpent Dungeons & Dragons 5E campaign. Also as a part of this extended trivia, Tabayrak, who works on Hearthstone Duels, is a designer on Auroboros on the side!

Metzen the Reindeer is a holiday character in World of Warcraft that can be found during a special Winter Veil quest titled "You're a Mean One..." and involves going to Alterac Mountains to free him after you slay the Abominable Greench.

Greatfather Boom Card Image

Crashin' Thrashin' Akazamzarak Card Image Finley & Metzen Card Image Gifted Bigglesworth Card Image Gingerbread Omu Card Image

Jinglepocket Silas Card Image Snowball Hooktusk Card Image Winterbough Card Image Stockingstuffer Zephrys Card Image

Alterac Valley Tavern Pass

We've got a ton of new Battlegrounds hero skins available on the Tavern Pass this time around for Alterac Valley! This also includes the Alterac Bob bartender that is unlocked early at level 3.

Alterac Bob Card Image

Battle Healer George Card Image Tower-toppler Reno Card Image Chargeleader Saurfang Card Image Yetitamer Brann Card Image

Tess, Stormpike Assassin Card Image Snowblast Eudora Card Image Vol'jin, Frostwolf Officer Card Image Winterflurry Kael'thas Card Image

This is solid value for Battlegrounds players when you consider a bundle of bartender + 8 skins is $19.99, the Tavern Pass is the exact same price but has extra content. Sure, you have to work towards them instead of getting them all at once, but Battlegrounds players can work towards some other cosmetics too which might come in handy later on if other parts of the game interest them.

And here are the levels they are unlocked at - remember these are all on the paid portion of the rewards track and as such will require purchasing the Tavern Pass for real money.

Are you looking forward to unlocking any of these Battlegrounds hero skins? Let us know your favourites in the comments below!