The Buccaneer's Booty Battlegrounds bundle is leaving the Hearthstone shop at the end of tomorrow (December 13) so if you want to pick it up, this is your reminder that it's your last chance!

Priced at $20 USD, the Buccaneer's Booty bundle contains the following hero skins:

  • Deckwatch Rakanishu
  • Salteye Patches
  • Kingpin Edwin
  • Tidespeaker Blackthorn
  • Undercap'n Kragg
  • Sea Admiral Saurfang
  • Port Authority Silas

Don't forget, you also get the new bartender skin, Pirate BobHe really rounds out the squad.

Pirate Bob Card Image Deckwatch Rakanishu Card Image Salteye Patches Card Image Kingpin Edwin Card Image

Tidespeaker Blackthorn Card Image Undercap'n Kragg Card Image Sea Admiral Saurfang Card Image Port Authority Silas Card Image

Other Bundles Leaving

If you're into Mercenaries, this is also your last chance to obtain the Portrait Assortment and Watch your Back bundles, the latter of which contains Valeera as a Mercenary, 10 Mercenary packs, and 150 Valeera coins.

Are you planning on picking up this bundle of Battlegrounds hero skins before it leaves?