Riot Games has announced they're coming out with a book next month detailing much of the story within Runeterra.

Anyone interested in their upcoming card game, Legends of Runeterra, or is a League of Legends player may be interested in picking it up to learn more about the world. If you're impatient though, you should check out the official Map on the League of Legends site which is an exploratory digital atlas of Runeterra and can teach you quite a bit! You can also check out the LoL Universe site with even more goodness.

Quote From Riot Games

Discover the lore of Runeterra in Riot Games’ first ever collectible narrative companion book.

This tome will take you on a journey through eleven of Runeterra’s regions, chronicling conflicts, entrenched rivalries, and covert alliances while giving new insights into the heroes, flora, fauna, architecture, politics, and technologies from all corners of the world.

Realms of Runeterra contains hundreds of illustrations, including new, never-before-seen maps and artwork as well as original narratives that will bring the cultures of Runeterra to life.

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Disclaimer: Links to Amazon below are affiliate links. currently has the Realms of Runeterra hardcover book available for $18, $12 off the MSRP. Here are some pictures of the book.