To celebrate the launch of the new Master Duel video game, Konami offers all players a bundle of 3500 Gems for 28.99 EUR or your regional equivalent. The closest 'normal' bundle is 1400 Gems for 23.99 EUR. The bundle expires in 70 days and players are limited to 3 purchases per account, though it is unclear if it's limited by platform.

Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel Special Gems Bundles

There's also a smaller bundle of 1500 gems for 11.99 EUR, again limited to 3 per account, but it doesn't have a time limit.

What Can You Buy With Gems in Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel?

  • Packs, each one costs 100 Gems.
    • There are packs that offer cards from curated pools, as well as the Master pack, which gives you cards from the entire collection of the game.
    • Each pack contains 8 cards, with at least one being Rare or higher.
    • You can also unlock a 'Secret Pack' for purchase when getting a card from one of the two highest rarities, which has increased chances of getting cards from that Archetype. These packs are only available for 24 hours.
  • Structure Decks
    • Pre-made decks that costs 500 Gems each.
    • There are currently 2 Structure Decks in the game, and you are limited to purchasing 3 per account.
    • Each deck contains 45 unique cards.
    • You can see the content of each deck in the game.
  • Accessories - The cosmetics of the game. There are 4 types of cosmetics:
    • Mates, which are small characters in the corner of the board that react to what happens in your game. One mate costs 300 Gems.
    • Duel Fields, a.k.a. your board. Each one will set you back 600 Gems.
    • Protectors, a.k.a. your card back. 100 Gems a piece.
    • Icons, which are displayed next to your name in duels and on your profile. Each one costs 50 Gems.
  • Other special bundles, such as:
    • The Duel Pass, priced at 600 Gems.
      • This unlocks the paid version of the game's battle pass system.
      • The current one is available for 74 days, and the rewards can be claimed for 30 days after it expires. Limited to one per account.
    • Bundle Deals
      • Which consists of 10 Master Packs and an Ultra Rare card for 750 Gems (10 packs normally costs 1000 Gems, and don't have the extra card). Limited to one per account.