Blizzard recently released the full art for all of the Lunar New Year Battlegrounds skins which can be purchased in the Three Kingdoms Bundle. Seeing as how we only get to see a very small portion of art on cards and heroes themselves, this gives us an excellent opportunity to showcase the full glory of these pieces. You can click on any of the pieces of art below to see a larger version of it in our gallery.

The Three Kingdoms bundle of Battlegrounds Skins is available through March 14, 2022. We aren't certain who created each of these pieces as Blizzard disappointingly doesn't provide this information outside of normal cards.

Three Kingdoms Battlegrounds Skins

  • Zhuge Liang Zephrys
    • The most effective strategist is the one that can foresee failure.
  • Guan Yu Saurfang
    • A true Jade general, from head to toe.
  • Diao Chan Maiev
    • Maiev's beauty may lower your guard, but her dagger is still at the ready.
  • Cao Cao Rafaam
    • Follow the commands of Cao Cao Rafaam at your own peril, for his motives may not be as noble as they seem.
  • Lu Bu Arthas
    • Beware the thundering hoofbeats of the Invincible Red Hare, for they foretell the coming of its lethal rider.
  • Dong Zhuo Gallywix
    • All that glitters is Gallywix's gold.
  • Da Qiao Elise
    • The two sisters of legend could not be more different. The peaceful explorer Elise adds beauty and sophistication to every tale.
  • Xiao Qiao Aranna
    • Aranna's free spirit brings light and mischief to the legends of the Qiao sisters.

Three Kingdoms Battlegrounds Skins Full Art