There's so much Pandaria stuff lately. Real sus.

We've got a big update coming out next week for Hearthstone Mercenaries which includes new Mercs, Bounties, and an all important limited-time event, arriving a bit later, the first of its kind for Mercenaries.

Quote From Blizzard

Starting on February 22, Mercenaries will be hosting its first-ever limited time event! Complete a chain of 10 exciting event Tasks to harness the power of Chi-Ji, and strengthen all the August Celestials. Two new Tasks will be available on each of the first 5 days of the event, but you have until March 8 to complete all 10 Tasks. Complete all 10 Tasks to earn the Chi-Ji Epic Mercenary Card, a Chi-Ji Mercenary Portrait, and over 1000 total Mercenary Coins for the new Mercenaries! As you prepare for this event to begin, make your way through all the Alterac Valley Bounties and take special care to strengthen your Beasts and Dragons, which will be essential for some of these Tasks.


Long’xin (Legendary Caster)

  • Dragon
  • 6/86 Maxed Stats
  • Abilities:
    • Celestial Breath 5 (Arcane): (Speed 7) Deal 19 damage to an enemy. Any excess damage continues right or left.
    • Starfire Blessing 5 (Arcane): (Speed 2, Cooldown 1) For two turns, gain +3 Arcane Damage and “After this Merc is damaged, deal 14 damage to a random enemy.”
    • Among the Stars 5 (Arcane): (Speed 1, Cooldown 1) Give an ally +13 Health and swap places with it. Enemy abilities targeting the Mercs swap targets (if possible).
  • Equipment:
    • Bottle of Infinite Stars 4: Among the Stars gives +4 more Health and also grants Health to your Dragons.
    • Kun-Lai Crystal 4: Among the Stars starts off Cooldown. Passive: +8 Nature Resistance.
    • Band of Bursting Novas 4: Battlecry: Gain +3 Arcane Damage for each of your Beasts and Dragons that has died this game.


Xuen (Epic Fighter)

  • Beast
  • 9/76 Maxed Stats
  • Abilities:
    • Equalizing Stike 5: (Speed 7) Choose an enemy. Set this Merc’s Attack to 5 higher than the target and Attack them.
    • Pounce 5: (Speed 4) Borrow 5 Attack from all friendly characters for 2 turns. Attack an enemy.
    • Tiger Lightning 5 (Nature): Deal this Merc’s Attack damage to a random enemy. Deathblow: Gain +5 Attack and repeat this.
  • Equipment:
    • Spear of Xuen 4: Equalizing Stike sets this Merc’s Attack to an addition 4 higher than the target.
    • Celestial Chestplate 4: Pounce also steals 5 Attack from a random enemy.
    • Charged Gauntlets 4: Tiger Lightning gives an additional +4 Attack.


Niuzao (Rare Protector)

  • Beast
  • 10/80 Maxed Stats
  • Abilities:
    • Headbutt 5: (Speed 7) Attack an enemy. If it has higher Attack than this Merc, deal 16 damage to it instead.
    • Bullish Fortitude 5: (Speed 2, Cooldown 1) Gain Taunt and your other characters take 5 less damage for 2 turns.
    • Blessing of the Ox 5 (Arcane): (Speed 3, Cooldown 1) Each time a friendly character is damaged this turn, give them Divine Shield.
  • Equipment:
    • Bullish Belt 4: Bullish Fortitude reduces damage taken by 5 more, but has +1 Cooldown.
    • Helm of Niuzao 4: Passive: -2/+16. After an enemy Attack this Merc, deal 5 damage to them.
    • Talisman of the Ox 4: Passive: After a friendly character loses Divine Shield, this Merc gains +6 Health.


Yu’lon (Rare Protector)

  • Dragon
  • 8/85 Maxed Stats
  • Abilities:
    • Jade Gust 5 (Nature): (Speed 10) Deal 20 damage to an enemy. If they Attacked this turn, deal 40 damage instead.
    • Jadeflame Buffet 5 (Fire): (Speed 1, Cooldown 1) Block Taunt and Stealth on all other characters for 2 turns. Give your characters +10 Health.
    • Enveloping Mist 5 (Nature): (Speed 2, Cooldown 1) Gain Taunt and +3 Nature Damage. Repeat for each other friendly Dragon.
  • Equipment:
    • Jadefire Spear 4: Jadeflame Buffet gives an additional +5 Health.
    • Serpent Pendant 4: Enveloping Mist gives an additional +3 Nature Damage.
    • Pearl of Yu’lon 4: Passive: Your other Dragons take 4 less damage.


Chi-Ji (Epic Caster)

  • Beast
  • 7/79 Maxed Stats
  • Abilities:
    • Blazing Song 5 (Fire): (Speed 3) Deal 10 damage to an enemy. Gain +3 Heal Power.
    • Inspiring Song 5 (Fire): (Speed 4) Restore 10 Health to all friendly characters.
    • Firestorm 5 (Fire): (Speed 5, Cooldown 1) Deal 5 damage to all enemies, and restore 5 Health to all allies. (Increased by Healing Power.)
  • Equipment:
    • Blazing Band 4: Blazing Song deals 4 more damage and gives an additional +2 Heal Power.
    • Staff of Chi-Ji 4: Inspiring Song restores 10 more Health.
    • Flameheart Crystal 4: Passive: After a friendly Beast is healed, give them +5 Health.


Long’xin, Xuen, Niuzao, and Yu-lon will all be available through all normal ways of acquiring a Mercenary, starting on February 15. Chi-Ji will be earned exclusively through the Chi-Ji event until it is made available through the normal means of acquiring Mercenaries in the next major patch after the event is over.



Six new Bounties will also be added to the Alterac Valley Zone:

  • Rotimer
  • Ichman
  • Balinda Stonehearth
  • Ivus
  • Vanndar Stormpike
  • Kazakus

The Vanndar Stormpike and Kazakus Bounties will be added to the game after the conclusion of the Chi-Ji event. All other Bounties will be added on February 15, with the launch of the patch.