Hearthstone has released a new delicious teaser hinting at our first set of the new Hearthstone year taking us deep under the oceans of Azeroth. This tease has been confirmed by the leak of a mega bundle titled “Voyage to the Sunken City” featuring the powerful night elf-turned Naga, Queen Azshara. What kinds of cards could we see in a set like this? Let’s take a brief look at the lore of the area and make some educated guesses.

What is the Sunken City?

It’s most likely that the Sunken City of the title refers to the naga’s underwater capital city of Nazjatar. This great city, the hub of the naga empire, was constructed after Queen Azshara struck a deal with the old god N'Zoth to transform her and many of her highborn elf subjects into naga after the Night Elf empire sank beneath the ocean in an event known as the Sundering.

Queen Azshara's Eternal Palace in Nazjatar.

There are two other possible locations this title could reference. One of these is the underwater WoW zone of Vashj'ir. These underwater ruins were the home of Lady Vashj before the Sundering. The zone contains three sub-sections that could be connected to images seen in the video: the lush Kelp'thar Forest, the open water of the Shimmering Expanse, and the dark Abyssal Depths.

The Underwater zone of Vashj'ir.

A third, though less likely, reference from the title alone is Ny'alotha, the realm of the old god N'Zoth himself. Evidence for any connection to this comes purely form N'Zoth’s connection to the naga, the red eyes of some dark deep creature in the last frame of the teaser, and the fact that Ny’alotha is sometimes refered to as the Sunken City, as well as the additional titles of The Sleeping City, Dreaming City, and Waking City.

N'Zoth grans Azshara a vision of Ny'alothia.

Which Creatures Could Make an Appearance in Voyage to the Sunken City?

The oceans of Azeroth are filled with many dangers and wonders in existing lore, and it’s likely Hearthstone will show us additional ones for the first time as they’ve done with many other areas of Azeroth. However, there are a few significant characters that could pop up, as well as some general concepts we’re likely to see in the card art and tribes.


We’re going to see naga with any of these theme concepts, no doubt. These snake-like creatures are cursed night elves who serve the old gods and are eternally devoted to their queen, Azshara. This mighty queen of the naga is for sure going to be a legendary and centerpiece of a set of this theme, even if we didn’t already know about her hero skin included in the mega-bundle. Prominent naga we’ve seen in Hearthstone before include Lady Vashj and Lady Naz'jar. Perhaps they will return for a second appearance, or perhaps we’ll see other generals and magic users brought to the cards as well.

Lady Vashj Card Image Lady Naz'jar Card Image

Sea Creatures

It’s a pretty safe bet that we’re going to get some sea creatures for the beast tribe, but there are many other sentient creatures that are allies or enemies to the naga that could make an appearance as well. These include Sea Giants, crab-like Makrura, goblin-like Gilblin or Gilgoblin, and the fishy Ankoan.

Bogstrok Clacker Card Image Sea Giant Card Image Gilblin Stalker Card Image

Could we see more of these guys?


Many murlocs serve the naga, especially deep sea murlocs, and support for this tribe of fish/frog creatures is very likely in a set like this. 

Underbelly Angler Card Image Redgill Razorjaw Card Image Coldlight Oracle Card Image

Of all murlocs, the ones who dwell in the deepest waters are most likely to serve the naga and other sinister creatures of the deep.

Water Elementals

The naga may dominate much of the seas of Azeroth, but they are not its true rulers. Neptulon, elemental Lord of Water, and his servants lay claim to that title. In fact, it was through the naga that the old gods attempted to unsuccessfully seize the seas from the water elementals in the elemental plane of the Abyssal Maw. The kraken used by the naga in this plane, Ozumat, could very well be a legendary card as well. Expect appearances from some of the lords of water, and perhaps even a new card for the Elemental Lord himself? Who knows?

For more information on water elementals, check out my lore guide here.

Neptulon Card Image Water Elemental Card Image

Water Elementals are somewhat underrepresented in Hearthstone compared to their fire, air and stone cousins. Perhaps this set could set that right.

Beware the Krakens of the deep. Could they come to Hearthstone?

What do you expect to be revealed about the set after the official announcement? Anything you’d like to put on a wishlist for this theme? Perhaps it’s already checked some things off your wishlist that have been there a long time. Let us know in the comments.

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