The new expansion is closing in with today's Hearthstone patch, and Mercenaries is getting some new stuff already today! Here are the major changes:

  • Chi-Ji is now available through packs and crafting.
  • 6 new Mercenaries are already in packs:
    • Vanndar Stormpike (Legendary Protector)
    • Drek'thar (Legendary Caster)
    • Deathwing (Legendary Protector)
    • Onyxia (Epic Caster)
    • Nefarian (Rare Fighter)
    • Kazakus, Golem Shaper (Rare Caster)
  • New limited time event with Leeroy Jenkins and the Black Dragonflight begins on March 22!
    • 10 Quests like in Chi-Ji event.
    • Rewards:
      • Leeroy Jenkins Mercenary Card (Legendary Fighter)
      • Leeroy Golden and Diamond Portraits
      • A total of 750+ Mercenary coins.
    • The event will require Orcs, Humans, Dragons, and Fighters!
    • Event lasts until April 5th, after which Leeroy will be craftable and/or obtainable via packs.
  • New zone with 6 bounties: Onyxia's Lair!
    • The sixth one, Mi'da Pure Void bounty, will be available after the Leeroy event has finished.
  • Golden Vanndar Stormpike Mercenary skin can be obtained via a legendary questline.

Quote From Blizzard

Mercenaries Updates


  • You will now be able to set different Equipment and Portrait loadouts for your different Parties using the same Mercenary; you will no longer be able to change these loadouts in the middle of a Bounty.
  • When you get offered a Bounty Treasure for a Merc that already has a Treasure, you will be now offered the option to upgrade your current Treasure, instead of just keeping or replacing it.
  • Chi-Ji is now available through all the normal ways of acquiring a Mercenary.


Leeroy Jenkins is coming to Mercenaries

Time’s up! Let’s do this! On March 22, Leeroy Jenkins is charging into Mercenaries with his own special event. The event consists of 10 special Tasks starring Leeroy and the Black Dragonflight! For the first five days of the event, you can get up to two event Tasks each day, but you have until April 5 to complete all 10 Tasks. Complete all 10 Tasks to get over 750 Mercenary Coins, the Leeroy Jenkins Legendary Mercenary Card, a Leeroy Jenkins Golden Portrait, and a Leeroy Jenkins Diamond Portrait. This event is not for the faint of heart! Orcs, Humans, Dragons, and Fighters will all be needed as you form your raiding parties for this event.


Leeroy Jenkins (Legendary Fighter)

  • Human
  • 11/69 Maxed Stats
  • Abilities:
    • Wild Swing 5: (Speed 7) Gain +8 Attack for 2 turns. Attack a random enemy.
    • Get Chicken 5: (Speed 2) Gain +10 Health and become Immune while Attacking next turn.
    • Leeeeeroooy Jenkiiins! 5: (Speed 0, Cooldown 1) Attack all enemies, ignoring Taunt. All characters act immediately, in a random order.
  • Equipment:
    • Even Bigger Sword 4: Wild Swing grants an additional +8 Attack.
    • Heals! 4: Passive: Restore 8 Health to this Merc whenever another one of your characters restores Health.
    • Ninja-Looting 4: Passive: Gain +6 Attack whenever an enemy dies.

Vanndar Stormpike (Legendary Protector)

  • Dwarf
  • 13/83 Maxed Stats
  • Abilities:
    • Thunder Strike 5 (Nature): (Speed 7) Attack an enemy. If they survive, deal 6 damage to them and adjacent enemies. Their next ability is (1) Speed slower.
    • Push Forward 5: (Speed 6) Friendly characters with Taunt gain +5 Attack and Attack an enemy.
    • Avatar 5: (Speed 8) Gain +5 Attack (increased by Health lost). Attack an enemy.
  • Equipment:
    • The Unstoppable Force 4: Passive: +6 Attack. Can’t be Frozen.
    • The Immovable Object 4: Passive: +7 Health. Taunt.
    • Avatar of Stormpike 4: Avatar also restores 15 Health to friendly Dwarves.

Drek’Thar (Legendary Caster)

  • Orc
  • 10/73 Maxed Stats
  • Abilities:
    • Blood Frenzy 5: (Speed 5) Give your Orcs +6 Attack until the end of the turn. Attack a random enemy. If you have Fel Corruption, Attack increases by +1.
    • Spirit Guide 5: (Speed 3, Cooldown 1) 15 Attack, 20 Health. Battlecry: If you have Shamanism, gain Divine Shield and Rush.
    • Fel Corruption 5 (Fel): (Speed 7, Cooldown 1) Deal 19 damage to all enemies. Deal 5 damage to your other characters. (After a friendly Orc dies, this transforms into Shamanism 5.)
      • Shamanism 5 (Nature): (Speed 7, Cooldown 1) Deal 19 damage to all enemies. Restore 10 Health to your characters.
  • Equipment:
    • Glacial Blade 4: Passive: +6 Attack. After this Merc Attacks a character, Freeze them.
    • Drek’Thar’s Spellbook 4: Passive: Your characters have +5 Arcane Resistance.
    • Shimmerweed Potion 4: Battlecry: Give your characters +10 Health.

Deathwing (Legendary Protector)

  • Dragon
  • 12/90 Maxed Stats
  • Abilities:
    • Claws of Terror 5 (Fire): (Speed 7) Attack an enemy. If it was damaged this turn, deal 8 damage to them.
    • Elementium Armor 5: (Speed 1) Gain Taunt this turn. After being Attacked this turn, summon a 12/15 Elementium Terror with Bleed (3).
    • Destroy All Life 5 (Fire): (Speed 8, Cooldown 1) Deal 10 damage to all characters. If any die, repeat this.
  • Equipment:
    • Heart of Unliving 4: Claws of Terror deals 5 more damage and affects adjacent enemies.
    • Resolve of Undying 4: Passive: Restore 10 Health to this Merc after a friendly Elementium Terror is destroyed.
    • Demon Soul 4: Passive: +4 Fel Damage. Whenever an enemy Dragon minion is summoned, gain control of it.

Onyxia (Epic Caster)

  • Dragon
  • 10/70 Maxed Stats
  • Abilities:
    • Insolent Mortals 5: (Speed 4) Attack an enemy. If they have Taunt, first gain +6 Attack and then block Taunt on them this turn.
    • Deep Breath 5: (Speed 5, Cooldown 1) Restore 15 Health to this Merc. Next turn, gain that much Fire Damage for 1 turn.
    • Cleanse The Nest 5 (Fire): (Speed 8, Cooldown 1) Deal 15 damage to all enemies. Deathblow: Summon a 12/12 Onyxian Whelp.
  • Equipment:
    • Razor Sharp Claws 4: Insolent Mortals gives an additional +8 Attack.
    • Deeper Breath 4: Deep Breath restores 5 more Health and is (1) Speed slower.
    • Broodmother’s Rage 4 (Fire): Passive: When another friendly Dragon is destroyed, deal 7 damage to all enemies.

Nefarion (Rare Fighter)

  • Dragon
  • 15/75 Maxed Stats
  • Abilities:
    • Drakonid Rush 5: (Speed 6) Attack an enemy. Summon a 12/12 Dragon which also Attacks them.
    • Chromatic Infusion 5 (Shadow): (Speed 3, Cooldown 1) Choose a friendly Dragon. They steal 5 Attack from each other Dragon and restore that much Health.
    • Shadowflame 5 (Shadow): (Speed 7, Cooldown 1) Each of your Dragons deals 15 damage to the characters opposite them.
  • Equipment:
    • Experimental Subjects 4: Drakonid gains +8 Attack and Divine Shield.
    • Chromatic Dragonflight 4: Start of Game: Give your Dragons +6 Attack.
    • Spare Parts! 4: Passive: After a Dragon dies, restore 10 Health to friendly Dragons.

Kazakus, the Golem Shaper (Rare Caster)

  • Troll
  • 10/75 Maxed Stats
  • Abilities:
    • Shadow Claws 5 (Shadow): (Speed 6) Deal 6 damage to a random enemy. Repeat for each of your Golems destroyed this game.
    • Build-A-Golem 5 (Shadow): (Speed 4) Choose a Golem. Summon it.
      • Harder 5: Summon a 20/20 Superior Golem with Taunt.
      • Better 5: Summon 2 8/8 Greater Golems with Divine Shield.
      • Faster 5: Summon 3 6/6 Lesser Golems with Rush.
    • True Shape 5 (Shadow): (Speed 8) Become a Dragon. Destroy your Golems and gain their stats. (Transforms into Reshape 5.)
      • Reshape 5 (Shadow): (Speed 6) Attack an enemy. Deathblow: Recreate them as a Golem with 14 Health.
  • Equipment:
    • Mageroyal 4: Shadow Claws deals 4 more damage.
    • Kingsblood 4: Passive: Your Golems are (4) Speed faster.
    • Wildvine 4: Battlecry: Give friendly characters +4/+4.


These new Mercenaries, except for Leeroy Jenkins, will all be available through all normal ways of acquiring a Mercenary, starting on March 17. Leeroy will be earned exclusively through the Leeroy event until it is made available through the normal means of acquiring Mercenaries in the next major patch after the event is over.


Six new Bounties will also be added to the new Onyxia’s Lair zone:

  • Smolderwing
  • Dragonbone Golem
  • SI:7 Smuggler
  • Onyxia
  • Undead Onyxia
  • Mi’da Pure Void (unlocked after the Leeroy Jenkins event)

All new Bounties, except for the Mi’da Pure Void Bounty, will be unlocked with the patch. The Mi’da Pure Void Bounty will be unlocked after the conclusion of the Leeroy Jenkins event.