Today's Hearthstone Patch 22.6 brought us a new Legendary Quest Chain where you can get several cosmetic skins for three Hearthstone Dwarfs: Tavish Hunter Skins, a Brann Battlegrounds Skin, and a Golden Vanndar Legendary Mercenary Portrait!

The Quest-chain order:

  • Tavish in the Tavern - Play 1 game of Tavern Brawl.
  • Vanndar's Bounties - Win 3 Bounties.
  • Dwarven Duty - Play 2 Ranked Standard games.
  • Brann in the Battlegrounds - Play 1 match in Battlegrounds.
  • Dwarven Duelist! - Play 3 games of Duels.

Tavish Stormpike Card Image Tavish for Hire Card Image Lootmaster Tavish Card Image

Gronnstalker Brann Card Image

My favorite one is the Battlegrounds Brann skin, what is yours? Tell us in the comments below!