We have some unprecedented and bad news to report, fellow mobile players from all walks of life. Fair warning, in case you need to brace yourselves and seek a hug afterwards, so we can all cry and lament together while sharpening those pitchforks: don't expect the newest Patch 22.6 to arrive on your other devices anytime soon. Maybe not even tomorrow or the next day in line; the worst-case scenario would be having to wait until after the weekend.

Update: Early fears aside, it didn't seem to take overly long on Google Play Store for Android devices, as the voluntary patch eventually came online after half a day. Samsung soon followed suit, and after a full day Apple and Amazon storefronts have also joined the mobile party. The patch should now be accessible on all devices, enjoy!

This incident definitely went beyond the occasional "several hours later at most" schedule that we are used to when it comes to Hearthstone mobile updates. Here is the official explanation with a couple of relevant updates: 

Quote From Blizzard
We identified an issue with our mobile version of the 22.6 patch. We’ve fixed the issue and resubmitted the patch to the mobile storefronts, but it can take some time for those storefronts to update. We expect the 22.6 patch to become available over the next few days, as those storefronts update.

Please be aware that until the mobile patch is available, updating to 22.6 on desktop will block you from being able to play Hearthstone on your mobile device. We advise any players who plan to play on mobile to wait until the 22.6 patch is available on all their devices before updating.

3/18 morning update: Mobile updates for Google and Samsung went live last night. We are still waiting for Amazon and iOS services to update. We will continue to update as we have more information.

3/18 late morning update: We are seeing the patch available on all storefronts! If it is not yet available on your specific device, it should become available shortly as those storefronts propagate to their users.

And so that probably marks the end of our little "delayed mobile patch" saga. 

Different Storefronts, Different Update Times

We were also told that the official forum post might not be receiving periodic updates as various storefronts follow their own rules: 

Quote From DeckTech
Haven’t specifically decided. That forum post will probably be updated when all storefronts are live, but since they’ll all happen at their own paces, your particular store may be ready before that.

And true enough, at least one of them didn't test our patience all that much. It's a good thing all other storefronts had a chance to catch up by now. Or almost all, your regional mileage may vary.

Quote From DeckTech
Seeing both iOS and Amazon downloads within the last hour, but some reports of not yet seeing them in certain regions/devices—it’s probably just slowly propagating out from those storefronts, so should be available to everyone soon!

If you still don't see any update prompts, try to disable and then enable again the auto-update options in your store (usually the upper right corner), or play around with the settings. Hearthstone app should direct you there by default, but it's also easy to access manually. Restart your device or try to use an airplane mode plus WiFi (it's over 1 GB update on cellular alone) if you encounter any patching issues. Need more information on this? We've posted about possible steps to take before

And if you've somehow dodged the desktop client updates up until now (or play the game solely on mobile), your matchmaking potential should be limited to all other players who stuck with the previous 22.4.3 patch version - which is presumably a limited and dwindling pool of people. It should not be possible to queue into anyone who is currently playing on the desktop and has access to all the new patch 22.6 offerings - be it the fresh content for Battlegrounds, Mercenaries, or the new free Legendary Blademaster Okani

This one hurt the early excitement for the patch, and nobody could've really seen it coming. For many of us a bulk of Hearthstone gameplay happens through mobile devices nowadays, and it's the bitter irony for anyone who might've updated their desktop client before this information had even become available. Luckily that all should be over now!