Goodbye! Now that's certainly one way to start an article. Blizzard has confirmed this evening that a hotfix patch this week will see the removal of Friend of a Friend in Battlegrounds.

Friend of a Friend Card Image

A developer note on the upcoming removal indicates that they saw game-warping strategies with the card and it was an overall negative for the health of Battlegrounds. No more Brann Bronzebeard "fun" for folks in Battlegrounds, but the team does say they like experimenting with the boundaries in Battlegrounds and will continue to do so - they're just going to keep an eye on problems and address them quickly if needed.

What are your thoughts on Friend of a Friend being removed? Are you happy to see some space open up for other strategies? Was it one of your favourite cards to play with? Let us know in the comments below.

Quote From GnomeSayin

Hello all,

We wanted to let you know that the Friend of a Friend minion is being removed from Battlegrounds in an upcoming hotfix patch, currently scheduled for Wednesday.

A note from the Developers about this change:

Friend of a Friend led to drastic power spikes when combined with Brann, and drove play patterns requiring an extremely high number of actions per turn. While we think there is room in the game for these types of strategies, in this case it proved too pervasive and game-warping for the overall health of the game.

We know that some players have really enjoyed Friend of a Friend. Looking forward, we think it’s important to continue to push the boundaries of the game and explore what we can bring into it, but we also think it’s important to try to respond quickly when we’ve pushed too far. Keep an eye out for exciting updates as we continue to explore and fine-tune Battlegrounds to make it the best game mode it can be!