We've got an update in Blizzard's known issues thread for Patch 22.6 which introduced the pre-order for Voyage to the Sunken City - some fixes have arrived! Though, not to all players.

Last week, we saw an error on Blizzard's part force a delay of Hearthstone's mobile update, which, for players who had already logged in on desktop clients, that meant they couldn't play on mobile until the patch arrived. Rest assured that even though this hotfix patch is going to be delayed a little for mobile users, you can still play on desktop and mobile this time due to the clients sharing a major version number.

With that out of the way, there are some important updates in the patch.

  • Shop issues resolved for some non-English localizations.
  • Achievement tracking, phantom notifications, and bad percentages are fixed.
  • Hero Skins & Card Backs that were previously craftable are once again craftable with Gold.
  • A bug was resolved that made it appear as if you could craft cards even when you didn't have the Arcane Dust to do so.

Overall, a welcome update for some annoying issues and some quick work from Blizzard getting this out on Monday, after not working on the weekend. Did any of these issues give you problems? Are you happy to see them resolved so quickly?

Quote From GnomeSayin

3/21 Update: We are currently in the process of rolling out an emergency hotfix patch for desktop devices. The mobile update has to be submitted to mobile storefronts, so it will come within the next few days. Because they are still on the same major version, the is NO risk that updating your desktop device will lock you out of your mobile devices—these issues will simply not be resolved on mobile until the mobile patch is available on those storefronts.

The following updates are in this patch:

  • Resolved the issue where the shop was closed for certain non-English locales.

  • Resolved issues with the Achievement tracking, causing phantom Achievement notifications and an incorrect Achievement completion percentage.

  • Resolved an issue that blocked Hero Skins and Card Backs from being craftable with Gold (reminder: by design, not all Hero Skins and Card Backs are craftable with Gold).

  • Fixed a visual bug that made it appear as though players could craft cards when they didn’t have enough dust to do so.


We will continue to track Patch 22.6 and update this post when we have new information to share.